Huel flavor questions

Hello, I am new to Huel and I have a few questions. On my first order I ordered Berry, Banana, and cafe latte huel 3.0 powder. It arrived in about 4 days and my order was correct. When I tried all three flavors, cafe latte was the only one that I liked. I don’t want my money back or exchange or anything, I just want to know if you have any ideas of how to give banana and berry more flavor. If I taste the powder straight out of the bag, all three are delicious. But when I shake them up with water, banana and berry don’t taste the same anymore. I have to force them down to get through a meal. Do you think flavor boosters would bring the flavor back? Because as I said the raw powder is delicious. I don’t know why the flavor goes away when I add water, but when I do it just tastes gross. I use clean water so I know it’s not that. I tried to add a tad of sugar to sweeten it up a bit but that didn’t help. What do you think I should do? Is there anything I can add to it to make them taste better? Thanks :blush:

I suggest peanut butter. Either “regular” or the powdered PB2.

Hershey’s syrup? If you are concerned about the sugar, Skinny Syrups have a range of flavors.

Apple juice or apple sauce… with some cinnamon or apple pie spice (or any spiced you’d put in pie)

If you have a good mixer, actual fresh berries or real bananas…



Check out the “Recipes” tab ^^^^

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Ooh Hershey syrup sounds good! I’ll try and mix it with banana or cafe latte. I’ll try blending a banana with banana flavor. The more Huel meals I have the better I’m liking them. It’s an acquired taste for sure. Thanks! :grin:

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Hey @Dronah,
My biggest pro tip would be to add some fruits to your Huel and blend them! Do you feel like the Berry and Banana tastes off or are you just not enjoying the taste of it? Is it lacking sweetness? If so, I like to add a little agave to my Huel :wink:

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Thanks for the reply! I believe that all the flavors are correct. I cannot be sure as it is my first time ordering Huel however all the flavors taste how I think they should. Regarding blending fruits into them, which would you recommend? I tried blending a banana into the banana flavor. I also added Hershey chocolate syrup to sweeten it and it was delicious! I am getting used to Huel’s flavor the more meals I have and am enjoying them more. I am enjoying experimenting with different flavors. Thanks again! :grin:

I can only attest to the banana. I add cinnamon and nutmeg to mine, just a few sprinkles of each. If I have one I will also add a banana; but like it either way. I am one that likes spices added to banana bread so this did the trick for me.

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I’ll try cinnamon. Thanks! :+1:

I make mine about 1/3 almond milk. once I did that I couldn’t go back to just water. I do mostly salted caramel, so It’s pretty sweet on it’s own. I could drink it all day.

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I’ll have to try that! Thanks! :blush:

Blending instead of shaking them makes them taste much better. Still off somehow but much better. I make two every morning in the blender. Store them in blender bottles. Good for the day.

get you some almond milk. if you want sweet, get some sweet vanilla. Mix 1:1 with Almond Milk as directed with water… It completely changes the game! It’s like the almond milk lets the flavors expand more or something. Idk that’s my way of saying it. lol

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Ok thanks for the advice! I’ll try this. :+1: