Very disappointed

I bought this as an alternative option to Soylent, hoping it would be a good way to help me lose weight and have a quick meal when I need it. I tried adding the banana flavor boost to the original and it was so bad I had to spit it out! I rinsed my mouth out and thought that maybe the vanilla would be better, using the chocolate mint flavor boost. The taste is passable at best, and I’m not exactly a fan of having to chew my shakes. Needless to say, I’m unfortunately very disappointed in it, not to mention apparently I’m also missing a scoop (the handbook says it comes with two). Can’t get my money back after trying this stuff since everything’s opened and I’ll give my honest opinion of this stuff if anyone ever asks me. I followed the instructions precisely for optimum enjoyment and I think they only way I might be able to enjoy this is if I used a blender, so I suppose I’ll try it.

After trying to blend it in a personal blender for roughly 15-20 seconds the consistency still hasn’t changed. I’m honestly frustrated and disappointed about this, shouldn’t have to chew my drink.

Are you using enough water/liquid? I’m using two cups of water for two scoops and it completely blends every time.

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I used exactly as much water as described in the handbook, so 20oz.

You can add more liquid to make as thin as you’d like

Maybe your expectation has been set by Soylent?

I couldn’t take that stuff for its yeasty smell and chalky texture. I tried it already in the 20oz bottle, which I assume is mostly water. Honestly, If you want your Huel to taste more like Soylent then mix in some spackle and a quick bread starter. :slight_smile:

Give Huel another try with more liquid and an open mind

Hi @Logan_Jenkins,

I apologize you have difficulties with your order. I have contacted you through private message to assist with your order.


Use more water to your liking, and experiment with flavor addons. I don’t mean the official Huel flavor boosts. I use a tablespoon of cocoa powder and a teaspoon of vanilla extract in mine (because I like it sweet), tastes amazing to the point that I crave it. Other people like bananas, strawberries, coffee, etc. Or it’s just not for you, that’s fine. But I think most people spend a little time experimenting with it to make it work for them. I could barely get my first shake down because I thought it was so awful, now I crave the dang thing every day.

Just started using the basic vanilla. I didn’t purchase any flavorings, since I feel like those would be easy to add myself. The basic stuff tastes like powdered oats. It’s a very neutral flavor to me, not bad at all. I’d definitely add more liquid if you’re struggling with the consistency. FWIW I ignored the Huel shaker bottle and just used one with a blender-ball. Works great.

I went down to two scoops and used 16 oz of water in a blender with almost a full ounce of honey and I still had the same consistency issue as before.

I use a Ninja blender and can control the thickness pretty easily. I also add either a banana or some frozen berries to improve the taste and nutrition. I am definitely hooked!

Before I ever received my order I went to several of the stories from people that did a full 30 days or more of this product. Many of them seemed to have the same issues you are talking about and found ways to make it better. I would find those articles and read up on how to make it better for yourself. I feel that I am more prepared for what I will need to do and how to make it the best experience for me. Everyone is at different levels as far as this type of thing goes.
Don’t give up too soon. It seems like many had to get past at least two full weeks of the product before they found a way to make it really work and feel comfortable with the taste and even more so, the initial reaction their bodies had to it.
The ingredients can not be beat when it comes to nutrition. I am excited to get it and see what my reaction will be and will do my best to move past the initial “badness” that may come.

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My first taste of huel I didn’t love the flavor and hated the texture. Now I don’t even know how much RTD huel I’ll keep on buying cause when I have it I miss the mouthfeel of the powder!


I wasn’t exactly fond of the taste of beer when I first tried it, but with enough dogged perseverance I finally came around.

Maybe you can too.


You might have to add more water than the ratios states if they made the ratio from the shaker. Maybe they will tell us if they came up with it from the shaker and here is why I say this. When you add water to the shaker, the powder absorbs some of the water, so the ounces don’t go up for awhile. Add some water, add some powder, and then slowly add some more water to the shaker while carefully paying attention. You will find that you have to add a lot more water than 1 ounce before it actually goes up by 1 ounce because the powder is absorbing some of the water, making the level not go up. So if the company made this 5 to 1 weight ratio by testing it in the shaker, if you are doing it out of the shaker, you actually have to add more water. I don’t know how much because I don’t know how much the powder absorbs. And actually, I think this ratio was made using the shaker because I have tried 18 ounces of water with two of the new scoops, which should be correct, except I measured the water first and then put the powder in. However, my shakes ended up too thick, and I think that is why. Actually, I will now add about 20 ounces of water, add the powder, and then shake it up, and when I do that, it is about like at the 19 ounce mark despite the fact that I added powder in on top of the water, and I think that is because the powder is absorbing the water. Only way you can find out how much water the powder actually absorbs before the level goes up is by weighing it. I was just pointing that out so that you know that if you are measuring it in the shaker, it can actually be different then if you are doing it in a blender. If you are doing the old scoops, I would say that you need to do 17 ounces of water if you are measuring using the shaker while the powder absorbs some of it as described, so I guess it would just reach the 17 ounce mark, but it would actually be more water than that. If you are pre-measuring the water or something like that, you need to do 19 ounces. If you are using the new scoop, it would be around 18 ounces if you are measuring inside the shaker, so you do some water, the powder, and then water until it gets up to the 18 ounce mark. If you are pre-measuring the water, then it is probably going to be about 20 ounces. And I am talking about to have a thick shake like as thick as those drinkable yogurts you can buy. If you want something thinner, then you need to add more water. I don’t know how much more, but maybe between five and 10 ounces more. It absorbs water a lot. I have baked with it before, and it absorbs a lot of water. This means that you really have to add a lot if you want to make it thin. Also note that if you put it in the fridge, something happens to it so believe it or not, it absorbs even more water than it already did. So if you want it to be as thin as possible, definitely add more water and don’t put it in the fridge. However, the consistency were you can almost shoe it is what I like. I like it to be thick.I like it to be just sick enough to be drinkable, but not so thick that it is like frosting and I have to eat it with a spoon. I actually have eaten it out of a bowl before and that’s good too. Also, even when I tried it for the first time, I really didn’t think the taste was bad. It taste fine enough for me that I would rather eat it instead of having to go through all of the trouble of cooking all the time.

Sort of an acquired taste then?