Yellow Curry is thin and soupy

I had one bag of Yellow Coconut Curry that was thin and soupy, and I chalked it up to differences between batches. Fast forward a few months to today - and I have just opened another bag of thin and soupy YCC.

I am using the correct ratio of water to mix, and I am letting it sit for about 10 minutes.

I don’t really want to use less water, since that carries the heat in my cooking method (water from the kettle in the huel cup).

Is anyone else seeing this?

Hey @dschmetterer,
While the consistencies are a bit different for every H&S product, I would love for you to drop us an email so we can look into this further at!

Well yeah, it is soupy. It is a soup! Or is it a gruel or porridge? I am not sure how you could make it less watery while using the same amount of water, but you could try using a hand blender or regular blender, and see if you like it better that way. Personally I add some salt and a few squirts of lime juice to my hot and savories, to improve the flavor. That could help with the thinness.