Experimenting with H&S liquid amounts

So far I’ve tried Tomato & Herb with 8oz of liquid. That made a nice thick tomato-y soup. Yum! Enjoyed that right away and was a great introduction to Huel. Then I tried Mac & Cheeze with 8oz and that turned into something that was a little bit too soup-like for my tastes. Hmmm. After some ideas from the community I ended up adding a bit of a different cheese powder and some real cheese to get to the creamy consistency that I wanted. In retrospect, adding a tiny bit less water may of done the same thing - other than the different flavor profile because of the added ingredients.

Now I am onto the Mexican Chilli with 8oz and that turned into an ok tasting liquid-like stew - a bit watery though. Today I decided to cut back to 6oz of liquid. What a difference that was, all the water was absorbed and the beans and rice had more bite to them. The taste was much better but the meal was too dry for my liking.

I think next meal I’ll try 7oz to see if that’s the happy medium to get more of a stew-like texture. I’ll also have to experiment with letting it rest less than 10-15 minutes. So the beans and rice doesn’t get so soft.

So the biggest factors affecting the mouth feel are the amount of liquid and the time to let it rest after adding the hot water. Each of the Hot & Savory products seem to have their own ‘best’ values. The amounts on the bag of adding 8.5 ounces for 2 scoops is a suggestion - a starting point if you will. :slight_smile: I am also starting to feel if I want more consistency from meal to meal, weighing would be better than using the scoop (shaking the bag thoroughly for both methods).

Anywho, that’s my experience so far with nearly 3 weeks of consumption.

2+ year user here. When it comes to the mac and cheese I have to do it by eye to get it to the perfect consistency. I use boiled water only, I never microwave. I pour a few tablespoons of water at a time, stirring it into the huel until it starts to thicken, then I add more water until after stirring it becomes slightly thinner than a pancake batter-like consistency. Not too thick, not too thin. Once it feels right I set a 20 minute timer. This gives me a very rich and indulgent texture every single time, and complete noodle saturation with zero crunch, which is what I prefer. Too thin and you’ll end up with cheese water noddles. Too thick and you’ll have some crunchy bites.

But it always takes a slightly different amount of water each time. It depends on each scoop of the dry powder and how well it’s mixed, the ratio of noodles to cheese powder. I also put in additional spices for flavor and dried bits of textured vegetable protein which slightly impacts the amount of water needed, too.

Keep experimenting! I prefer the cajun pasta in the microwave (hot water and 1.5 minutes, then I let it sit for 5), but for the curries I use boiled water and they’re ready to eat in about 5 minutes. In short, ignore the instructions on the back of the bag and experiment.

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Thanks for the input and ideas! Really love how you detailed your process with mac&cheeze. :slight_smile:

Soupiness can also be higher if the scoop is very powder-heavy (bottom of the bag). I have a zojirushi water boiler set up with a coffee scale below on the counter, for measuring water added in grams. Works for both pourover coffee and huel H&S and quicker / less cleanup than a measuring cup.