Curries almost killed my Huel drive

I had previously done well with the Mac and cheese and the Mexican chili, especially mixed together, the strawberry shortcake and the cookies and cream shake mixes were good too. But then I tried the yellow curry… After several times of literally choking it down (mixing in hot sauce didn’t help) I stopped doing HUEL altogether. I gave the roughly half bag to a friend recently, to see if he liked it. And I had a fresh bag of green curry and another Mac and cheese. This has now been months since I last had any HUEL. So I set my goal to start a new and started with a shake, no problem. Better mixed with almond milk than water, but water is acceptable. Then came the green curry… Oh my God… I had 2 spoonfuls of the bowl and the rest went into the trash. Don’t know what I’ll do with the rest of the bag, retry or pass along, cause I hate to just throw it away. HUEL really really needs an assortment of sample sizes of the meals, cause paying this much for something you don’t like and being stuck with it sucks.

If you can stand behind the quality then you need to Do like Aldi and have a 200% guarantee. If you don’t like something from Aldi, take the remainder back for a refund and get a replacement item.

Thankfully I have the Mac and cheese, I’ll continue with that and the shakes and order more of what I like, but am scared to order new things now and waste money or be so turned off by the items that I ditch Huel again.

I really want to go long term but if I’m stuck with one or two items I like … The lack of variety will kill the plan as would bad tasting (to me) items.

C’mon Huel, get on the ball and start packaging samplers. Each flavor item in a small (maybe 4 servings) sample size make the sampler a full kit one of each if you have to instead of individually purchased samples, I’d still rather do that than get a whole bag of something I don’t end up liking.

Starting over, we’ll see how it goes.


Go back and read it. :slight_smile:

Hi @Roger_L - Thank you so much for taking the time to provide this feedback. I’m so sorry to hear that the curries put you off so much. We definitely understand that everyone has their own taste preferences and that certainly is just as true when it comes to Huel! I will pass your feedback on the curries along as well as your suggestion for a tester pack. While it is not something we are planning to implement at the moment, we take our customer feedback very seriously and you never know what we may decide to do in the future.

In the meantime, if you ever end up with a product that isn’t up to your standards you can always feel free to reach out to us and we do our absolute best to find a solution that works for you and us :blush:

Thank you Kathryn, I’m doing my best to stay the course now and not get discouraged I’m adapting my Huel to 5 days Huel and 2 days of reasonable other foods. Kinda have to when “pizza with Granddad” is a thing on the weekend with my daughter and granddaughters.
I do love the pastas so far and am looking forward to trying the Bolognese, I’ll just stay away from the curries going forward.

So you stopped eating Huel entirely because you didn’t like 2 flavors, but you did like several of the others? That is a little extreme. Hey, how about mixing the curries with strawberry shortcake? Maybe that would help lol

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No need to come in here and be an ass.

it’s kind of odd that you like the flavor that everyone else hates. the Huel Mac & chz tastes nothing like macaroni and cheese. every other flavor I’ve had is delicious.

The guy that introduced me to Huel also liked the Mac n cheese. It was one he recommended for a starter.

Maybe it’s not a perfect flavor but I do like it. By itself, mixed with the other Huel pastas, with hot sauce, or with sour cream.