H&S change in consistency - very soupy yellow coconut curry

Hi there,
I’ve noticed that each bag of H&S is slightly different, in terms of the ratio of powder to other ingredients.
My most recent purchase of the yellow coconut curry is extremely soupy. I shake it, and even mix the contents of the bag with a large spoon as well before scooping, but it’s just not thickening up, even after reducing the water. There seems to much less of the chunkier ingredients, which I’m guessing may be the reason - since they usually soak up so much water as they rehydrate.

Please advise.

Sorry for the delay here, I was checking in with the team to see what’s happening. This is definitely something which we have seen some other reports of which means it’s a high priority and the team are investigating with the view to make some improvements.

Obviously really sorry that your order isn’t up to scratch. If you get in touch with the CX team on support@huel.com then they will help you out.

I sent an email but haven’t heard back yet. I just opened a new bag and the consistency is better but it has pea-sized chunks of white powder that have to be broken up or they won’t dissolve. Any ideas what that may be? I wondered if it’s baking powder or something that was added as a thickening agent?

I’ve noticed this a while ago. I used to do the grains for lunch and they were great. The rice still had consistency of soft, but not mushy rice. Now it’s very mushy. It’s disappointing because now I no longer get them but I was buying them for 6 months.

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You are absolutely right about the rice or grain being super mushy. It’s not just the overall consistency but all the individual ingredients.