Wrong product, no response from support

So, I ordered the vanilla starter kit, but I received the unflavored/unsweetened. Not a huuuuge deal, admittedly, but worried me about future problems with orders. That’s been compounded now by the fact that I can’t get a response from either the website form nor the support email address, especially since I continue to receive automated emails hoping that I’m having a great experience with my recent purchase. Kinda hard to justify to myself keeping up a subscription when I can’t count on getting what I paid for nor being responded to, no matter how good the product is so far. Maybe not everyone’s experience is like this, but I’m becoming less and less likely to be a return customer.

Hey Kyle. My apologies you received the incorrect powder. This issue is rare, so we’ve reported it to the appropriate parties. I’ve sent you a replacement order today–you should see this in your emails.

So if I have any issues from here on out, should I just post them publicly on here from the get-go?

Not necessarily, but you can of course use this forum for support issues anytime. We are typically super quick on responding via email–we just had an outage from 11/9-11/12 on our response software so a lot of emails were clogged. Our team monitors this forum and all socials not only to keep up with the community, but also to resolve any issues such as this.


I have been emailing Huel daily to try and find an order I never recieved and Have recieved no word back at all. Very dissappointing customer service. The forum seems to be the only place that Huel reaponds to its customers.