I received the wrong flavor

Hello, first off I’m a very satisfied Hueler! I also send an email to support, but it said posting here could be helpful too. I received my first shipping error and don’t know what to do. I ordered 4 bags of unflavored/unsweetened Huel and instead received 4 bags of vanilla Huel. I only noticed when I opened the first bag and smelled the vanilla. What options do I have at this point? I really want the unflavored/unsweetened and not the vanilla. Since I opened one bag I plan to use it and it should last me a week, but can you get more unflavored to me in FL in time before I need to open a second bag?


Hi Jobie, I just responded to your email. :slight_smile: We’ll take care of this for you, no problem!

I just want to take a moment to express how impressed I am with the quick, courteous and professional support Huel has provided. I’m extremely happy with Huel’s response in how it worked out for me financially and in terms receiving the correct product. This was world class customer support!


Same thing happened to me. I received it and emailed on the 24th but a replacement still hasn’t been sent because apparently there are shipping delays. Might have to just cancel if I run out in the next few days.

Hi Mark, if you are still seeing issues with your shipment, can you private message me your order number and/or the name used to place the order so I can look into this for you?