Never Got My Powder

Hey! I’ve been trying to get a response from the support email and I haven’t had much luck so I figured I would try here.
I ordered a subscription of vanilla huel and a flavor pack. I paid roughly 68 dollars, which has been paid out of my account. Originally I had the wrong shipping number and was unable to track the package so I contacted support. I got a reply within the day basically apologizing for the mix up, giving me the correct shipment tracking number, and telling me it was delivered to my apartment’s offices the day before. Excited, I went down to the office to receive the only box waiting for my apartment number. It was unexpectedly light, and when I opened it I realized that I had received the shirt, shaker, scoop, and my flavor boost, but no actual huel powder. The receipt in the box didn’t say that huel powder was part of the shipment, but I was charged for it anyway and online and in my email it says that it was in the package that was sent to my door. Been trying to get in contact with support for about a week now. I went ahead and placed another order with amazon, which will take some time to get here. In the meantime, I wanna know if I can either get refunded for the huel I never received, or can yall send me the 2 bags I ordered now, considering that my roommate wanted to try it as well and the shelf life is pretty long.

Please help me out!
Thank you.

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I expect you will get a good response soon, but keep in mind that it’s the weekend so give 'em until Monday to reply.


I understand that, but it’s been all week I messaged as well, not just the past few days :slight_smile:

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The support team got back to me and fixed it! Sending me the powder this week ^-^