Would like to try Huel powder but have some questions

So I want to try the Huel Powder V3 edition. I know I get a shaker with my first order. Now I work at a job that requires me to sit in front of a computer all day. I want a breakfast and lunch replacement with a small snack or 2 afterwards. Do I need to fill the shaker up twice? Once to replace my breakfast and then a second time to replace my lunch? Or does filling up the shaker allow me to replace both lunch and breakfast?

I think you should plan on making a second meal/shake at work instead of trying to go half and half on one big shake. Just bring extra Huel along and water or your mixer of choice.

Alrighty. So I order 2 bags of the powder, how often should I subscribe and get a new bags delivered? I only intend to drink them when I am at work so it would be 5 days a week.

Welcome @falconx! You would need to fill the shaker twice for each seperate meal. You can choose to use the same shaker but I would advise having two as its easier to prep and drink.:wink:

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Hi @Jamal_Huel and thank you! What should I order in terms of quantity? Should it be 2 bags every 4 weeks? I intend to drink 2 a day for 5 days a week.

Thank you!

Each bag has 17 400 calorie meals, so 2 bags will last you a little bit more than 3 work weeks. 4 bags would get you to nearly 7 work weeks (you’ll be 1 meal short).

If it were me, I’d plan on 2 bags every 3 weeks, and then create a subscription for 6 bags every 9 weeks. But this is due to me already having tried Huel and knowing that I like it.

For you, I’d suggest starting with ordering 2 bags for 3 weeks, and if you find you like it, change your subscription to more bags with a longer time between orders. Going from a 2 bag subscription to a 6 bag subscription saves you $5 per bag (2 bag sub = $37.5/bag, 6 bag sub = $32.5) I imagine similar discounts for whatever currency you’ll use.

@Vition Thats a great idea and what I will do. I ordered 2 shakers and will make them the night before work and put them in the refrigerator overnight. Also I plan on going to the gym 3 times a week. I am on a goal to loose some weight.

:raised_hands: thanks for sharing!