Subscription question

So I want to sub to Huel, but I need to know if I set it to every 4 weeks will I get it on time so I don’t run out if I subscribe at the bare minimum of 2 bags? I know 2 bags last about 4 weeks. I don’t want any gaps of my daily Huel.

If you plan to have one shake a day that would be sufficient timing. The 4 week reorder would be from the day you place the initial order so shipping is accounted for on both sides. This is how I do mine and it works out good for me.

Hey! Two bags of Huel powder are good for 34 meals or servings and for the most part tend to last about 4 weeks, which seems to be the common frequency selected by our customers. If you are planning on having more than two servings per day of Huel we may suggest perhaps throw in a third bag on your subscription.

The great thing of our subscriptions page is that you are able to modify your renewal date to whenever you wish to get your next order processed. Which means if you see that you are running low come the third week, then you can head to your account on our website and manage the next order to be processed earlier.

If you need any help with our subscriptions page, you can always shoot us an email and we will be happy to guide you through it! :blush:

Thanks. I placed the order already tossing n an xtra bag just n case. Supposed to arrive today! :blush:

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