Huel powder servings

Hi, just wondering… I received my huel order this past Thursday (7/18/19). Today (7/23/19) I noticed that I’m almost finished my first bag! I often do 2 scoops per shake (3 times daily) with a few 1 scoop snack in between… just wondering… how fast do yall go through a bag of huel powder?! A week?! or days?! Thank you!

I generally just have one 3 scoop shake for lunch each day and a bag will last about 2 weeks (14 meals). With your 2 scoop shakes plus a few 1 scoop snacks I would imagine it would go quick. Maybe 4-5 days.

EDIT: guess I should have clarified that I still use the old scoop for an approximately 500 calorie shake, not the new scoop which is 400 calories for 2 scoops.

Based on 2 scoops there are 17 (and a half) Huel meals in a pouch. So a minimum 6 scoops daily means you will go through a pouch in under 3 days.

Hey @Dan_Huel, I think your math is a little off. 6 scoops a day would be 3 meals a day which would take a little over 5 days to finish a bag. But the additional 1 scoop snacks would cut that number down as well.

Apologies you’re right, I have mixed up my scoops and meals.


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