Worst Customer Service

I made my first order yesterday night. I wanted it to be delivered to the place I am staying by right now, and payed using ApplePay. I went to check the order and to my surprise, it was created with my house address back in Utah, not the one I provided. So immediately tried to change the address on the website but it seems like it doesn’t update order addresses even if it has not been shipped yet. I submitted an Customer Service request using the chat hoping someone would be able to help me. Today at 6 AM i got a reply asking for my new address etc, I answered right away and no one has replied back since then. Now I got a mail saying that my order has been shipped to the wrong address. I tried the customer service email and the “phone number” i found her 18334384835 but no one is available. What am I supposed to do now? How can you offer a “service” that doesn’t have the capability to solve this kind of problem? I need a solution asap.

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Hey @efenandezv - sorry to hear this. I’ve just looked into this and I see our team assisted you yesterday. I’m going to DM you just to be sure you’re all set too!

Agreed. Same happened with me. Plus other problems with the ordering system (e.g. incorrect pricing ; incorrect products ; incorrect address). IMMEDIATELY contacted Huel — 2 emails, text, phone call, voice mail— and NO RESPONSE.

It does not matter how good a product might be, if customer service is non-existent and/or hides behind a digital wall (i.e. no phone reps available within reasonable time), then that is NOT A CUSTOMER ORIENTED COMPANY :frowning:

Hi @Cap! Thanks for joining us here in the forum, firstly! :raised_hands:

I’m so sorry to hear that you haven’t received a response from us yet! We’re currently experiencing a higher than usual amount of contacts and our agents are working as quickly as possible to get back to everyone. We appreciate your patience with this and rest assured we’ll do everything we can to make things right as customer happiness is one of our top priorities!

Should you still be experiencing an issue I’d be happy to help you directly, keep an eye out for a DM from me here on the forum shortly :sparkling_heart:

Poor ordering experience. Even worse customer service experience. Cannot reach humans for direct and timely discussion. When somebody eventually responds, it’s the same generic feel good nonsense that fails to address the issues. Even worse, they don’t bother to look at all the info you’ve already sent via emails and voicemails, but ask you to start over…every time. Pathetic business model :frowning: Move on.

Hey again, @Cap! I’ve sent you an DM asking for more information so I can address your complaints. We can’t find any recent contacts from the email address linked to your forum account so that’s why I requested more information so I can get a handle on what you’re having issues with😊

So sorry for any frustration but we’re here to help when you’re ready!

I’ve tried all week to get ahold of someone - the chatbot won’t connect to a human and the ticket number they assign leads nowhere. I finally sent an email yesterday but still haven’t heard back. Usually Huel customer support is top notch, what has changed?

Someone has finally reached out to me. Issue not resolved yet.

Ditto… have been bounced around three emails and virtual assistants. Did get an actual person at one point, but then bounced right back into the virtual assistant world. Literally all I have been trying to do is get a 2nd bag ordered (was on a subscription service and one bag was out of stock so it was cancelled/refunded but no replacement was coordinated). All I can get is “we will update your next subscription to be a new flavor in stock” and " we do not do single bag orders… THEN DONT CANCEL THE BAG JUST ASK FOR A REPLACEMENT FLAVOR BEFORE YOU SHIP! I am now out of your product and have also cancelled my subscription due to the poor service. Have called, emailed and now created an account to complain on the forums. The actual product is top notch and by far the best meal replacement product I have ever used, but this lack of customer service is a HUGE negative.

UPDATE within the hour someone had resolved this issue and I will be starting up my subscription again. Would have tried the forums in the first place if I knew there were actual huel employees monitoring here vs the automated emails.

Hey @Jgerstner ! So sorry for the frustration here! It looks like there was some confusion on the issue on your email thread. I will be contacting you via DM to sort this out.

We have been experiencing a high volume of contacts in the recent days and appreciate everyone’s patience as we do our best to reply to all of them as quickly as we are able.