Horrible Customer Experience!

Resorting to posting on the forum because the customer experience is lacking!

I used Apple Pay and the site selected my billing address as the delivery address. I noticed this immediately and took the steps on my end to rectify the error, I contacted customer service because I was not able to resolve the error on my part. Customer service took 3 days to respond to the issue and it was not resolved since it was delivered to the wrong address. It has been now 2 weeks and I attempted to reach out via phone, which no one actually answers. Extremely disappointed with the quality of customer service. Would not recommend solely on this basis.

We are truly sorry about the delay on answering and helping solving this issue.

I have personally reach back out to your via email and hoping to get this issue sorted ASAP! Looking forward to hearing back from you and making things right for you!

We always advice our customers to make sure to check their shipping address while checking out especially when using a quick checkout option as this can be updated to an incorrect address. :slight_smile: