Order being sent to wrong address

Hello, my order #802795-US is being sent to the wrong address. When using Apple Pay the website didn’t seem to give me any option to choose a different address and just automatically sent it to the wrong one. I purchased it on Sunday and haven’t been able to get through to customer care so far today. I’d like to change the address before it is shipped, thank you.

forgive me for interfering.

huel stopped the order for me by contacting the courier if possible during transit. got sent back to sender.

you can do this yourself too, possibly.

the issue is there should be a cancel option at least say ten minutes after made.

thanks for the information. Unfortunately I didn’t see a cancel option after submitting the order. Just got confirmation it has been shipped but haven’t gotten any response on my email/forums/calls yet. Hopefully it can be rerouted.

theres no cancel option

thats the priblem i had

still haven’t heard from anyone yet. Their phone number doesn’t seem to have anyone available either. Is this typical for this company?

i trust that it will be resolved.



try social media too

theyre usually quick to respond

Hi Ryan! Although we are not able to edit addresses once orders have been processed, I will be happy to see what other options we can assess in this case for you. I have personally messaged you to get more information on this case.

I’m having the same issue can you please contact me about this issue i have sent messages to everything huel

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