Customer Service?

Never got my fist package. very difficult getting any word from huel at all. when i finally did and they sent a replacement, they got my shipping address wrong. At this point I would rather take a refund thank to continue to deal with ghis nonsense.

Hi @Sam! I just triple checked and your replacement order is going to the correct address you had emailed us. It is set to arrive to you on December 6th. If you are still wanting a refund when your order is delivered, please let me know and I will be happy to assist you.

Hey Sam, just looked into it a little deeper and it looks like you mistakenly sent us the wrong address on 11/19, which is the address that was used for your replacement. I have updated your address in our system and will be calling FedEx to fix your address on the current shipment that is in transit. Let us know if there’s anything else we can do!

My apologies. thanks for helping

i am having the same issue i ordered on 11/28 and have sent two emails to support asking for any type of update and have yet to get a response.

Hey Joseph. I’ve responded to your email. It looks like your order is still pending so I contacted our fulfillment center so they can get this fixed.

Just wanted to confirm that I have updated your address with FedEx. This might delay delivery time, but not likely seeing as it was a simple, nearby address change. Estimated delivery of Thursday, 12/6. :slight_smile:

Thanks Theresa.


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hi theresa,

got a tracking number from fedex and despite them saying the package was delivered there is no package to speak of on the property.

I will be needing a full refund asap. not sure why this continues to be an issue but i am done playing the wheres my package game. not saying it is huels fault but 0 for 2 doesnt work for me. thanks for your help.




I ordered my first package of Huel but is still not delivered but on tracking it is showing as delivered. My order no. is #252177.

Waiting for your reply.

That happened to me twice now. i am awaiting a refund.

Hi Sam,

You still didn’t receive it?

Yeah still didnt get my package. Not sure what the problem is but i am done. just waiting on huel for a refund.

Hey Nimish. I’ll send you a PM now to figure this out.

Nooo, Sam! I’m so sorry to hear that! We confirmed the address directly with FedEx, so I don’t know how this happened a second time. I see you’ve been refunded $59.40 on 12/8. This can take up to 3-5 business days to be reflected on your account.

If you ever want to give Huel another shot and would like to try an office address or have it held at a FedEx for pickup, let us know!

Made a order on 12/5 got an email saying my order was ready to ship and got nothing since. Reached out to customer service and got a reply with a link to track my shipment. Turns out my order was delivered 4 months ago. Sent a reply email almost right away and haven’t heard anything since.

Hi Eric, I see your order is scheduled to arrive tomorrow, 12/11. :tada: I will send correct tracking to you privately.