Terrible Customer Service

I sent an-mail to the support e-mail address 2 times needing to make a change to my order and never got a response. I sent a third one and now my order has shipped…absolutely terrible experience.

Hi there! I’m going to send you a personal email right away so we can figure this out for you. It’s on the way🙂

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Sorry to hear about your frustration. For some reason my package was returned. Received an email and tried to fix problem and they resent. I also emailed them before got notice might take a couple days to respond. But they responded faster than a couple days. I feel the customer service is great.


I got an e-mail after I posted stating that they would contact Fedex to have my package re routed to my address. Mind you this is a response that I got after 3 attempts to reach customer service. I called fedex today and sure enough they said that my package is still going to an incorrect address and that the shipper had not contacted them. My boyfriend even tried reaching their customer service without any luck. He had also just bought the product but will not order again due to the absolute terrible customer service. I just sent a fourth email to customer service about my order. We’ll see if it takes them another 3 days to get back to me…

That’s sad to believe. I’m sorry to hear that.

I, too, have had issues recently with Huel Customer Service, if you can call that. I’ve has issues with my on line profile, an email change and a missing subscription and have emailed them three times now. I received one auto generated “ how are we doing? “ email about a week after my first email, which was a bit shocking and terribly inconsiderate because a live human couldn’t get themselves to contact me directly. And today I see a credit card charge for an order I did not place.

Why can’t members be provided with a toll free number to speak with someone in real time?

Hi there @felineluv ! I’m terribly sorry for the delay in response on our end. I’m responding to your personal email address right now so we can get this sorted in no time🙂

I am having the same issue. Multiple emails sent and no reply. Very frustrating!

Hey Al. Just replied back to your email. Looks like you created an account with a typo in your email address so I fixed it all for you. Confirmation is in your inbox now.

Thank you. Sorry for the typo on the email.

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