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Hey! I am excited about trying Huel for the first time but my package is being sent to the wrong address. Yikes!! I used Apple Pay and only after placing the order did I realize the address on file was for a different state. I emailed twice and called a number I found in the forums. No response. Is there any way to amend the shipping address? Help!

Not likely, as they ship the orders out pretty quickly. You might be able to contact the carrier about rerouting it.

Ok, so what can we do now? How can we get the order shipped to correct address or canceled?

I don’t work for Huel, but they ship very quickly, so I’m sure they won’t be able to cancel it or change the address.

I would contact the carrier (mine is always FedEx) and see if they can reroute it, once you receive the shipping confirmation.

My account is charged in the morning, and I get a shipping confirmation in the early afternoon…

Thanks for the lead. I called Fedex but only the shipper can amend the address.

That sucks. Are you positive it’s being sent to the wrong address? I’ve never used Apple Pay, but didn’t you have to enter the shipping address on the Huel website? Is it just your billing address through Apple Pay that is different?

There’s a billing/shipping address linked to the Apple Pay account. Paying is as simple as scanning my fingerprint so I didn’t have to input the address. My new address was updated on my bank account but not on Apple Pay. It should be an easy fix but it’s on Huel’s end to fix it :frowning:

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Shooting you a PM now!

Still haven’t received product. Was promised a replacement that never came. Customer service is slower than my grandma texting back, and she’s dead.

Had to file a claim with my bank to recover funds. This company and it’s team is a joke. Hard pass!!!

I don’t think most companies would send you a free replacement, when you provided the wrong shipping address.

This whole ordeal was your fault, not theirs.

Anyway, bye!

Hey Scott. We resent the package today on 10/24. Sorry for the delay–you were messaging my private inbox on the forum and I was out of office. In the future, the best way to receive support is messaging our team

Much thanks, Tyler. I truly appreciate the follow-up and hope Huel is as great as the fanatics say :slight_smile: