Working Out on Huel

Trying to find out if working out on Huel is the exact same as working out on a vegan diet. It has got to be. I am gaining weight but I also only replaced my breakfast and sometimes Lunch. Hard to contribute the unwanted pounds to Huel. I love that it is quick, goes down great, and taste good. It is affordable as well. Love the product I just need to be more disciplined.

It is possible that you may be loosing fat, but gaining muscle at the same time.

Muscle tissue is denser and heavier than the same volume of fat.

Take body measurements at least every two weeks, and weigh yourself on an accurate scale no more often then once a week.

And always remember to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.

I hope that this helps.
Happy Hueling everyone.


I think that working out on huel should be thought of the same as working out on a vegan diet, in the sense that it pretty much is a vegan diet, just nothing more than scientifically calculated for optimal nutrition and pulverized in a way that makes it suitable for a drink.
I would think any issues around weight gain/weight loss (either as a weightlifter after gains or a runner trying to stay slim) could be more easily attributed to just calorie counting.
The benefit I see behind huel is that I can really dial in calorie counting, and additionally, it is a lot cheaper than eating a salad bar each meal.


awesome feedback come to find out the scale at work was off. My dummy move. lol thanks

Yes, good call. Salad bars are ridiculous in price. Huel is super cheap in comparison but it gets a little monotonous. Hope it is spelled correctly, ha. I love it but need to look into mixing it up a bit. I know you can add and mix things so I will look into this.

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I use myfitnesspal to track calories. Just suggested stated again but when used honestly i was losing 2 pounds a week like clock work. Now with huel and kitchen scale to weigh hours much i need it’s pretty awesome and a brainless healthy way to lose weight

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When the urge to eat regular food calls, splurge for the salad bar. I am pretty sure not even the makers of Huel would argue that a gorge around a huge vegetable and bean bar isn’t a better alternative. That isn’t what Huel is about.
Me, I am not a vegan, not even close. I have found a once-a week binge at a mcdonalds or burger king or golden corral helps me keep the discipline the rest of the week.
It serves two purposes…it fulfills a short term desire and satisfies it…and secondly, I get to feeling sick, and it helps remind me how food works with our bodies.