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I started Huel just under two weeks ago and I’ve lost 13 pounds so far. I started at 230 and I’m down to 217. I’ve been using Huel for breakfast and lunch, and having smaller solid dinners so far, two scoops for each shake. In total I’ve been trying to consume about 1400 calories to lose weight.

I appreciate any input or advice, but otherwise this thread is for tracking my weight loss and to show that it works for others. Hope I’ll see myself at 170 in a while. Good luck to everyone else too! :slight_smile:


Congrats Devon! Have you checked out our article? It may help.

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I had actually! It’s pretty useful and that’s how I figured 1400 calories would be a good deficit to my regular to lose close to 2 lbs per week. I’m pretty sure the majority of the weight I lost these first two was due to me quitting soda and cookies at work as well as water weight.



Yes you’re probably right.

As you lose weight and your weight loss begins to level out don’t forget to reduce your calorie intake further to account for this. Once you’ve reached your ideal weight you can take the breaks off a bit.

Oh true! I totally didnt think about adjusting for future weight amounts. How often would you recommend I adjust it?

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It doesn’t hurt to recalculate every 20 lbs or so. At my height, it’s about a 100 calorie difference (give or take) every 20 lbs.

Of course, depending on your sex/height, 1400 may be a fine target for the duration of your weight loss journey, just expect it to start slowing down the closer you get to your target weight.

You also don’t want to restrict too much, which can lead some to have more cravings and give in to binge eating.

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Yeah I’m 5’7 so I’m at about a 1000 calorie deficit currently. I might have to up it when I start bicycling more

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I just got a new mountain bike and for the first time in over 4 years riding a bike, I rode a 16 mile journey and my legs feel like jelly, but huel kept me feeling good the whole time! Had two scoops with water for breakfast, went to work, had two scoops for lunch, and then after work did the ride. With no other sustenance save for water it kept me energized and full the whole day. I’ve NEVER stayed so full on as little as 800 calories until 6pm before, especially not enough to go for such a long ride! Looking forward to more updates and more weight loss/muscle toning in the future!
Been doing 1200 - 1400 calories per day at 5’7", down to 213lb

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@Deron I actually noticed you said you do some biking, I used an online calculator and according to it I should have burned over 2000 calories in 2 hours biking at about 15mph at my weight. That sounds like a lot, and I wanted to know if that was accurate or even close to accurate in your opinion? Thanks for all the advice and help on the forum constantly by the way. :slight_smile:

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That souded like a big over-estimation at first when I read it. I am not an expert so I don’t know how to actually measure calorie burning for a particular activity. But upon further research, that number might actually be possible if you’re big enough. And if someone did average out 15 mph over 2 hours, that’s 30 miles. So yeah it looks possible.

The first Google search yielded this

Also check this article

For what it’s worth, here is my take on calorie counting. (TLDR: it’s worthless and unnecessary, IMO.) And keep in mind that I have experienced a total weight loss of around 132 pounds. But that was not linear and was actually accomplished in two separate periods. My first weight loss involved trying to out exercise my calories. The calories in verses calories out helped me lose some weight but ultimately lead to a plateau and a point of frustration. Exercising rigorous lead to panic eating. And I wasn’t happy with the results.

Intermittent fasting and removing meat/dairy/added sugars from the diet was the key to easy weight loss. I have never lost weight so easy. And I didn’t log a single meal, count any calories, and have absolutely no idea how much protein I’ve eaten in the last 2 years. I couldn’t care less. Wish I had figured this out years ago and could have saved myself unnecessary frustration. But that’s my experience.

Dan what do you feel is a good food for dinner if I am doing 2 scoops in am and afternoon and then a regular dinner .

Thanks Deron, I appreciate the feedback! I guess there is no point really in counting the calories I burn, I might as well just exercise and see how it plays out. :slight_smile:

Totally up to you. A varied wholefood diet is best so try and go for something different every evening/every other evening.

What I mean by wholefoods is cooking from scratch, at least 2 portions of fruit or veg with wholegrains, lentils or pulses and your choice of protein source.

Thank you. Also I had 2 scoops and is that 150 a scoop ?I have the Huel black

I started using an app today called Home Workout by Leap Fitness Group to try and help regulate my exercise. Doing the 7x4 full body 28 day challenge to motivate myself to do more exercise than just biking. I decided to take it a step further and do the first and second day at the same time. Overall post workout report: I am sore.

Anyone else use this app and know if the workout regimen are actually good? It seems fine overall but exercise and I haven’t been on good terms since elementary school so I’m not super knowledgeable about these things.

I’ve found success with a simple home gym involving a few kettlebells, pull-up bar, pushup stands (and or parralettes), dip station, and a good pair of gloves and some slap wrist guards when I use the kettlebells. As I got stronger I also added a 20 pound weighted vest since push-ups are far too easy for me now.

Check out all you can do with with kettlebells. Just be sure to use proper form, get some wrist guards, and only do it on a carpeted floor (or use some floor protectors if not on carpet), just in case the Bell is accidentally dropped while switching hands.

You’ll also want a kitchen step stool to assist with pullups until you get strong enough to do them un-assisted. This may take a while since pullups can be quite challenging at first and you can really hurt yourself if you strain while doing them.

And for God’s sake, wear shoes when doing exercise. I don’t know why Michael Skogg and his buddies do this barefoot. Shoes = support.

Do not underestimate the benefits of doing simple sumo deadlifts and box squats. (And apparently with this dude, shirt is optional as well as shoes. :slight_smile:) oh and this dude recommends a guy should start with a 35 lb kettlebell. Yeesh. When I first started, I used a 20 and a 25 lb bell. Then got me a 30 and 35 after working my way up.

Wide grip kettlebells. Pick bells where the handle is wider than the bell. It gives more room when you do cleans. Narrow handles tend to cause your wrist to bend back too far.

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I appreciate the info, I have actually considered a kettlebell. As far as home equipment goes I cant really spend too much money or space on it. That’s why I’m trying to go with workouts that don’t require equipment or a large area.

How is huel going? Are you still losing weight?

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I am! I actually am down to 204 now. I’ve been so busy I forgot to update haha! It’s going well!


Finally picked up an adjustable kettlebell and I’m gonna see how it goes for me. :slight_smile:

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