Huel for athletes

I am on a hunt for vegan protein sources to add to my huel shakes. I try to consume about 1gram of complete proteins per 1lb of body weight. So this means Huel is not meeting that goal if I consume the 2 shakes a day (about all I can get down due to how thick and filling it is) This is with 1 scoop vegan protein powder though included in each so even more filling.

My issue is, have you guys considered doing a supplementation for those who need more protein? Just like an additional add on? I am looking for an affordable alternative than my 30 bucks for 14 servings of JUST protein that I am currently finding in stores around me. I would love if I could just get extra from you guys if possible.

Just a suggestion. I know your business is not to cater to SPECIFIC groups but basically most people. So I love the product as is but I know several lifters who drink protein shakes to try and meet their daily goals along with busy schedules, and may consider making the switch to Huel if it can help meet their dietary needs.

Anyways, love the product, keeps me full and away from junk food!

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Thanks for the suggestion Debbie.

Huel is about nutritionally complete meals, it’s so much more than just a protein shake so it’s supplements at the moment are not really our thing.

We could look at higher protein versions of Huel which may be something you’d like? For now, there are many vegan protein companies out there. Personally, I would go for a pea and brown rice protein blend and add a scoop to your Huel.

Hey Dan,

Thanks for the response! I guess I am just throwing out suggestions. I am happy with using a separate product for protein but if there is a chance to throw my money at you guys, I would rather do that. I really like the convenience of huel especially when it is often times hard to find vegan options on the go that will hit all the nutrition boxes.

For now I’ll keep adding my separate protein, hoping to find something affordable and drinkable . Keep up the good work :slight_smile:

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i’m a hard core hueler, crazy enough to eat it for 95% of my meals, so take this for what its worth, but i have put on 10 pounds of lean mass in the last 4 months (newb gains mostly). i doubt much of it is fat since the progress photos i have been taking show deeper collar bone gaps, and the second two abs are starting to show whereas originally it was just the top two.

all i eat is huel, and i drink it shortly after every time i lift. i lift twice in the morning and twice more after work, always with at least a two hour gap. as a side note, i also have a creatine/lactic acid mixer as a preworkout which i take with caffeine once in the morning and once in the evening, as well as quite a few fitness supplements. the calories i have (besides the residual calories in vitamins) all come from the huel and the preworkout. it adds up to 1900 calories per day, every day, and i’m currently 155, up from 145 when i started lifting in july.

its important to note that the powder form of huel has much more protein than the ready-to-drink variety, so i am getting roughly 116 grams of protein per day. this may seem low, but the current science states that only 1.4 grams per kg are necessary for intense exercise scenarios. for my weight thats only 100 grams.

the more important factors are adequate sleep, keeping stress down, avoiding alcohol, and maintaining a mild surplus (400 calories will do). don’t make the bro science mistake of engorging on food to put on tons of muscle mass. it does boost muscle growth, but when you cut afterwards (which is pretty dang tough anyway) you will be losing lots of muscle and fat even if you continue to train.

the smartest way is to keep protein slightly above that recommendation i mentioned (1 gram per 1.4kg), get as close to 8 hours sleep as you can, eat healthy, ensure your testosterone isn’t getting lowered due to magnesium, zinc, and vitamin D deficiencies, and bulk CLEAN. high protein, moderate fat, low carb is whats most recommended (although i’m kicking ass on the huel macro ratio, so it might vary from person to person. then again, not all carbs are created equal and huels are quality)

Thank you for the input! I typically strive for 1gram protein per lb of body weight. So with Huel and the additional protein powder, I can definitely hit that no problem. I am currently at 2 shakes a day and one “meal/and or a couple snacks”. I recently decided to take it a step further than I was which was cleanish during the week and binge all the junk/alcohol on the weekends. Now I am trying to eat clean/vegan 90% of the time. I am a powerlifter and trying to increase my strength. My body responds well to carbs but I always end up eating the junk kind.

Sleep is a no go for me, I am a full time accountant and also full time student, while also 2 hours a day lifting 6 to 7 days a week…so the most I can do right now to improve is really focus on what I am putting in my body.

Anyways, thank you again for your thoughts, good luck reaching your fitness goals!

Sleep is a no go for me, I am a full time accountant and also full time student

ah, that is rough.

i was on the “binge every other week” diet for a long time and it served me well, but now i am basically on the last leg of a race to having a six pack so i have thrown out all the stops, at least until i get there. i have 1.5 abs showing on both sides so far… so a 3 pack total? lol. i think carbs are fine in moderation. i used to be a big atkins guy but it just made me feel like a zombie after a while.

you really need to sleep though. muscle hypertrophy is greatly reduced in the absence of enough quality sleep. there are lots of studies that show this, please don’t take my word for it and do some research on that. i feel like it would be better to sleep as much as you can and push your gym time into Saturday and Sunday if you don’t have time between school and work.

by the way, way to be a gangster, work school and gym? now i feel embarrassed for describing myself as hardcore earlier.


Man, I know sleep is important. I just can’t seem to function without my gym time during the week…I already do longer workouts on the weekends so I don’t know how to get more sleep without giving up something else —my brain says no can do on less working out ha. School is not too bad, I at least know it won’t last forever. I look forward to sleeping instead of studying a year from now!

I have been trying to get the dream abs for as long as I have worked out but I have the binge on the weekends problem. Huel has drastically helped me during the week. I recently went full vegan so that has actually helped my bingeing since all the good junk food tends to have dairy in it…anywho, congrats on the 3 pack!!