I don't want to replace meals

So I’m 5’9" weigh under 130 lbs and have super low body fat. I think it’s partially because of my metabolism and because we don’t eat dairy at home (reasons for that at another time perhaps)
I was over 140 lbs a couple years ago when I lifted weights almost everyday and since I stopped I’ve thinned out alot.
I’m looking into Huel because I don’t like the idea of drinking a chemical filled protien supplement after a workout. Right now I’m drinking the whey Publix brand whey protein which has like two ingredients (which is great) but it feels kinda of empty, if that makes sense.
I was hoping that Huel could be my post work out drink and 7am and then I could still eat a normal breakfast around 10am, and lunch and dinner like normal.
I’m not looking to replace a meal… I want to add nutritious calories… Am I in the right place?

You surely are. I lose weight bc I’m replacing meals but, you can adjust the amount of Huel (thus the calorie content) you use in each shake. I use two scoops for a meal, some use 3 scoops and a lot of folks use 1 scoop for a snack.

Which is a long winded way of saying, yeah it could be a post workout meal for sure. I actually think you’d be hard pressed to find another product that’s as nutritionally complete for what you’d want post workout.


Cool! Thanks for the info

Hey man! Yeah I’d say use it as a mass gainer that all natural. It might take a little longer than if you ate McDonald’s all the time, but the weight you game will be quality muscle.from the sound of it, you may need a 2000+ calorie diet and use Huel as a snack to cross the 2500-3000 line with our feeling over full.

Mass gainer + Huel? Sounds expensive hehe

I mean use it AS your mass gainer, continue to get your 2,300 calories a day + use Huel as your gainer.

Sorry! Mis-read
Thats kinda what I was thinking

Hi Joey!
If you haven’t already, I recommend checking out our How To Use Guide and determining your ideal caloric intake (Step 1 on the list). From there, you can adjust to fit your goals. :+1:
Keep us updated on your progress! :muscle: