Just wanted to post some updates

This is my first post on here. I have been getting 80-90% of my calories from Huel for a little over a month now. I had heard about Huel quite awhile ago and about a month and a half ago decided to give it a try. I have been lifting for about 12 years and my goals for that are always changing. Some years I want to gain mass, sometimes powerlift to see how strong I can get. I am always trying to test the limits of what my body can do. This gonaround I am trying to get down to 8% BF. Before I started on Huel I was at 15.6% BF, a month and a half later I am already down to 13.5%BF all while keeping my weight the same so BF down and not losing an muscl mass but by the numbers I am going muscle. Just wanted to say this Huel is going to be my go to for quite a long time. I have had amazing customer service and experiences so you have a Gaines at least one more customer for life. Oh and by the way I am a firefighter in Baltimore City and my coworkers have noticed and now 2 more guys at my fore house have just started using Huel as well. Maybe on day my whole firehouse will be Huel fuled.

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Thanks for sharing @MarkS. My first Huel shipment is arriving tomorrow and I can’t wait.

Curious, what is a typical meal plan for you for a specific day? How many times do you use Huel vs. eating a regular healthy meal?

When I am at home I use Huel for breakfast and lunch, then I eat dinner with my wife and kids, we are vegan so it’s a pretty health meal, then I have another Huel shake for “dessert”. When I am at work I have 4 shakes and usually a “No Cow” protein bar with my “dinner” Huel shake.

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