Won't Mix Thoroughly

I am new to the Huel experience. It tastes fine, but I CAN NOT get it mixed well. There are chunks that just won’t dissolve. Any tips?

Are you mixing by hand?

Water, powder, more water

Use a blender (immersion blender is easy) or a nutribullet/ninja

Nice thing about using a machine is that you can mix in things that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to mix by hand

it helps if you can let it sit for a bit or even overnight, then try re-shaking.

I second the immersion blender but I know not everyone can use one.

I use those whisk balls from the blender bottle, seems to help.


I found you do have to mix it a lot with the shaker. I switched over to a ninja smoothie blender. This also allows me to add things like ice, banana, whatever…

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I occasionally mix Huel with Coconut water, which seems to mix more completely than just water.


A couple of my own suggestions:

  • Blending will inevitably make it much smoother, but of course we don’t all have a blender to hand.
  • Refrigerating overnight once shaken or even for a couple of hours can help reduce lumps.
  • Shaking with ice is key! Ice cubes can help break down the lumps while you’re shaking as well as making it refreshingly cold.
  • Some people find the texture is smoother if they use milk or milk alternatives. This also makes a much creamier taste and texture in general.
  • It might also be worth trying Greg’s tip out! I haven’t myself but will certainly give it a go now.

Hope you get on better with your Huel, but please keep us updated either here or drop us an email at support@huel.com.

I skip the mixing cup and use a stick blender. I found that the mixing cup is not as good as a blender. Other than that, you can add a little more water.


Oh, that’s a great idea! I have a Ninja and didn’t even think to use it. Thanks.