Powder doesn’t dissolve well

Anyone else having issues getting the powder to dissolve in the shaker bottle? I shake for about 30 seconds in 20oz of water and even let it sit for 30 minutes in the fridge. Still chunky.

Yeah, there’s a whole process to using the shaker bottle. I think the current wisdom is to put in half the water (10oz), then the Huel, then shake. Then add the rest of the water and shake again.

I never had much luck with the shaker bottle. Switching to a shaker with a blender ball worked better but I still had clumps. Fortunately I have a blender at home, and that works a treat. Either a countertop model or a hand-held one seems to do the trick.

The short answer is yes, many of us have had difficulty. There’s a variety of ways to overcome this with getting the right water to powder ratio being top of the list. I personally use a blender bottle but there’s plenty of other methods that come up if you search this topic.

330 milliliters of water per scoop as opposed to the recommended 250ml. Use a hand blender, 15 dollars on amazon, 20 shipped without Prime. You can also use a full blown blender or nutribullet, but those are a pain to clean, the hand blender rinses right off.

I use a blender bottle with two balls (one isn’t enough) and that gets most of the chunks out, though the fence in the original Huel one works just as well (I use the BB if I am making 3 scoops, the Huel shaker if I am making 2).

Mostly I’ve just gotten used to the chunks. I will likely pick up a stick blender at some point but I haven’t done so yet.

I’ve had better luck using room temperature water when mixing. I took a ziplock bag with the mix and a shaker bottle with water in it to work. When I mixed it at lunch, I was quite surprised how much easier the mix dissolved in the room temperature water. It was so much smoother drinking it at room temperature as well.


I’ve been using warm water and coffee huel black

It’s really good, especially looking out the window at all this snow:)


Wow! I’m going to try that. Room temp water and mix and then I can always toss some ice in it if I want.

I tried the room temp water, it worked! No lumps!!!

I’m not a fan of room temp Huel, so I’ll add ice next time.

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De clump it then throw in the fridge?