Separates after mixing

Still working my way through my last order. It has been just awful. After mixing I like to put it in the fridge for a little bit. Within 10 minutes, it seperates into three distinct layers with the bottom being just a thick gooey sludge. Doesn’t matter if I am using the shaker bottle, mixing with a whisk or using an immersion blender. Undrinkable unless I am constantly shaking/stirring.


What kind of water are you using?

(I would recommend NOT using toilet, tap, or bath)

Suggestion: try using a denser liquid; almond/cow/soy/rice milk

Try adding an egg. Or pb powder. Or protein powder.

Check out the Recipes tab for some tasty Huel-born ideas

Hey @blueeyedme,
I am so sorry you are having this experience.
Do you think you could walk me through how you are making your Huel?
I find that I shake mine up when I am eating it after every few minutes but am curious what order you are putting things in the shaker before you make it!

Hey Natcho. I mix with tap water, just like I have since 2017. This is the first batch I have had this problem with. I like it straight and prefer to not add other ingredients.

Hello Maksim, I mostly do it two ways. If I am using a shaker bottle, I fill about about 300 ml of water, add the powder and shake. Top off with the balance of the water and shake again. I had found in the past that this gave me the smoothest drink without lumps. The second way I do it is in a larger container where I add all the water, then the powder and mix with either a whisk or immersion blender. This has also provided me a smooth and consistent drink in the past.

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Try filtered water. Might be compounds leaching into your tap water causing clumps.

Or add an egg. Just like a milkshake, or cake, when an egg is added that will help the end product be…“fluffier”.

Try eating a cake made without an egg…:dizzy_face:


Nacho…LoL. Thanks but no thanks. In 4 years, this product hasn’t needed additives to blend and it shouldn’t now…my water is filtered. I simply won’t purchase anymore Huel. Good luck.

What flavor and if possible what lot number / time of day? I had some inconsistences with chocolate BC21036 and BC21037. It is possible our issues are related since I observed abnormal behavior too. Perhaps contacting support and continuing past the stock q&a they must be required to do will yield some insight.

Seriously? I didn’t know this was an ‘issue’. I’ve been drinking Huel for some time now and have never NOT had to shake it every few minutes because of separation. Isn’t Huel a suspension or should I be expecting it to actually ‘dissolve’?

@blueeyedme I typically use 6 oz Almond milk to 11 oz water, and I noticed that if I use a shaker, the mixture separates. However when I mix my Huel in a blender (regular, not immersion) for about 1-2 minutes I notice that it does not separate. After blending it, it doesn’t separate even when I Ieave it in the refrigerator overnight. Hope this helps!

I must have received a bag with your missing thickening agents (e.g. Maltodextrin, Xanthan gum, Corn starch). :wink: In one of my recent orders, I got three flavors of Black Edition. Two bags were perfectly fine and mix how I’m used to. But one bag comes out extremely thick and “goopy” like I’ve never seen from Huel before. (I measure out the water and weigh out the powder via digital scale.) So this is almost the exact opposite of what you are experiencing, as why I’m only half joking about getting your thickeners or binders! This was from “LOT BC21047 06:37, Exp March 2022” and shipped from their Tennessee USA manufacturing plant.

I agree that they have a QC problem.

I notived this with my caffee latte order most recently. My other bag in the order doesnt have this problem and havent seen it with the coffee in the past. Definitely a problem with this batch, it separates in minutes and i have to shake it up many times while im drinking.