Huel Bars (USA)

Just sharing my thoughts. The forums seem to be bare of them.

Salted Caramel.

  • Tastes like dirt and vitamins.
  • I love salted caramel sweets, but this is nowhere close.
  • Rating 1/5


  • Not delicious, but not bad
  • I was assuming I’d like the salted caramel version better, but decided to just get 1 box of these to at least try once. Glad I did.
  • Rating 3/5


  • The cost is about $2 a bar, which compared to most protein and/or energy bars, the price is on par, and fair.

  • The taste isn’t perfect, but most bars you find in the supermarket aren’t very tasty either.

  • I do dislike the fact the Huel felt the need to add 7g of sugar to the bars as I’d like to eat little to no added sugar.


Thanks for your review!

I’m a massive fan of salted caramel, it’s funny how tastes differ.

The sugar content is a bit higher than you would like as the ingredients that contribute sugar as required to bind the ingredients together into a bar and provide the right texture.


I agree; I didn’t like the caramel but found the chocolate “good enough”. Indeed, I just ordered 2 more boxes of the chocolate, as they’re great for a late afternoon snack.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I was on the fence about ordering some of these and I think I’ll just wait until the future versions.

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