Huel Complete Protein Bars

Looks like they’ve finally been discontinued and removed from my subscription and site altogether. Does Huel have any plans to replace the bars with another offering?

Hmmmm I think you should check your email, @DM87 :wink:

Ahhh, just noticed! Any target dates? Hoping it has the same macro split as the complete bars.

Can’t share a specific date yet, but get excited, as they’ll be released within the next few weeks :hugs:

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Just noticed they launched! Macros aren’t really favorable for me on these (loved the black complete protein bars), but glad to see the bars were replaced/reintroduced.

I didn’t check the macros, tried to buy 400 singles but they capped it at 16 how dare Huel do this to us :laughing:

400 singles! Why!? Aren’t the boxes a better buy?

The singles are 50% off :grin:

I can’t even find singles on the site!?

It’s hidden, they’re under the “build your own bundle” and then move all the way to the right, past the drinks and powders, next to essential “Singles”. That’s the only place I could find them listed for 50% off.

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Ah, will throw some in with my next bundle, thanks!

@Justin_Keikhlasan Out here blowing up our spot :sweat_smile:

Just kidding, enjoy the discount while it lasts :hugs::two_hearts:

Any feedback on taste?

Both flavors are super delicious! Feels like I am eating a treat rather than a healthy bar.

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Justin has provided an update on this on my thread announcing the new bars! :hugs:

So glad to hear you’re enjoying the new bars!

Thanks! Are you able to confirm the carbs? The image has a 10 over the 24g

It’s 24g :slight_smile: Just checked!

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How many grams of sugar alcohols per bar?

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide exact amounts of ingredients as this is proprietary information due to the fact that it is part of the recipe. However, we want to assist as best we can here! As a result, if there’s a specific amount maltitol you aim to stay under, I can reach out to our team to see if we can get a yes/no if there’s more or less than that amount per serving of of Complete Nutrition bars.