I am liking Huel Black Edition

Maybe its because I drink a lot of protein, but the taste of Huel black edition its pretty good. Its like slurping down an oatmeal that have a hint of vanilla. I would recommend that people keep the water under 17oz for slightly thicker shake. Adding more water over 17oz really starts to change the taste, so best to start small and take sips as you add the right amount of water that will work for you.

This is a great product and had me sold, the only thing that would make this better is if you guys can land the shipment. In the meantime I am going to explore ways to make this taste a bit better with other dry ingredients that wouldn’t take much time to prep for the morning.


Yeah, I do 14-16 myself when not blending it with fruits.

I dig Huel Black as well. As a fan of 1.1, I’m thankful for the taste of Black.

One idea for addition: cinnamon. Easy to add a bit to the process and adds nothing to the “prep time”. Cheers!

I agree. I’ve been on Huel Black for just over three weeks now and loving it! Vanilla and the new Coffee Caramel are both great, the Chocolate just slightly less so but still good. (It needs a bit more flavor. Trying the boosts now to find one I like.) I’ve tried meal replacement shakes before, but this is the first one I’ve had that is total nutrition, keeps me full for hours, and is good enough that I actually crave it and look forward to my meals!

Plus the Black edition with the low carbs is helping me get my Type 2 diabetes under control, which is an awesome bonus feature.

Try the mint flavor boost with chocolate black and powdered peanut butter… Yum!!

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I am new here, and went straight to black. Got Vanilla and UU, but added coffee/caramel to my next order. Taste is ok, no clumping, and I am pleased as to how full I feel using it. First order I also sampled the bars of a few different flavors, and one bottle of RTD. They all seem fine to me. The bars might be an acquired taste but it’s not a problem.

I’m really excited to try the new savory soups, I placed an order already.