Will USA customers get new Huel formulas?


Hello everyone! I’m a new to huel on my first 4 bags and I’m wondering if we will receive the same huel formulas as our UK siblings?
Also an ETA on the flavor systems would be perfect.

Thank you


I’d also like to know if/when the flavor systems will be available. My phone just updated me that my 1st Huel order was delivered!

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Unfortunately Huel UK V. 2.3 will not become available in the US.

Huel US V 1.0 is the first version of Huel formulated exclusively for the US market. Huel US V 1.0 was created using all the same techniques and data from Huel UK. We will always look for ways to innovate Huel but main ingredients remain unchanged: Huel is primarily oats, pea protein, flaxseeds, brown rice protein.



Hi @BerserkerKing,

Huel flavor systems will be avalible very soon in the US :slight_smile:



So there is not a time that 2.3 will be for sale in the US? Just to clarify …thank you!


I think the US has its own versioning system. Right now Huel offers 1.0 for US customers specifically as US 1.0 - this may be because different countries have different nutritional/manufacturing requirements. We will probably see new US versions of Huel in the future.


Yeah what i meant was the improved vinalla flavor and new original flavor



You are absolutely correct :slight_smile:


Hi guys

The US (North America) will have its own versioning system. For example, we’re on EUv2.3 over here where I live, and NAv1.0 in the US at the moment. The US ‘RDAs’ are quite different to the EU ‘RDAs’. NAv1.0 had certain things that were already ahead of EUv2.2.

We’re always looking at making Huel ahead of the game :slight_smile: