US - Why is the Huel available in the US v1.0 instead of v2.2?

Not sure if I just noticed or it’s always been the case, but on the US site only Huel v1.0 is offered.
Is there a timeline to make the improved v2.2 version available?

My guess is that they had to reformulate the US version to meet RDA values or satisfy the FDA, so it’s on it’s initial release.


Correct, as I understand it the UK version has gone through more iterations as it’s been around longer and meets their govt standards while the US version meets the US standards. However the US version is newer but still gets to use the trial and error knowledge of the years the UK version had been around prior


That’s my guess too… and hope that’s the only difference. But haven’t found an official statement.
When emailed Huel, they sent me two screenshots of their labels for me to compare haha

Hi @Augusto_Lara,
What @jreineke and @jobiegermano are correct. :+1: