Flavor boost not available in U.S.?

Hello Huel,

Why do you not sell your flavor boosters in the U.S. ?

I only see that they are available in the U.K. , in my opinion, it should be available in the U.S. as well so that everyone has a chance to try and mix there own flavor combination.

Thank you

You may be interested in this thread: When will Huel flavors be available in the U.S.?

It sounds like they are working on it, but it takes time to bring a product to market. Huel is still quite new in the US market. They actually have US production in Canada rather than shipping from the UK, so it is not a situation where they could just also load the flavors on a cargo container with the Huel.

Ok thanks for the info

i am interested in trying the product, however, I do not wish to spend full
price to test it out.

Do you offer a discount code for first time ?

I would like to try it and then become a monthly member.

Thanks in advance

While we may consider offering samples in the future, here is an explanation as to why we do not currently offer a sample size of Huel.
We have recently launched in the U.S. with our Huel powder, which gives you a variety of unique ways to get complete nutrition. The more Huel you have to start, the more ways you can enjoy it, and the more variety you can find to help you with your long term health goals.
Of course, if you find that Huel is not for you for any reason, please reach out and we can offer you a refund or do anything else we can to make you happy. :blush:

My recommendation if you don’t like it directly is to use it in baking. You could throw small amounts in things with out affecting them much or see Cooking with Huel for recipes.