Differences between US Huel and UK Huel

Someone pointed out to me recently that the RDAs for lots of vitamins and such are different in the US than the UK. I’m curious if the difference in US vs UK formulation are largely to accommodate those differences and make the US version match US RDAs while the UK version matches EU RDAs?

There are a few differences - mostly the levels of some of the micronutrients in the US formula are higher, though in the most recent EU formula, I brought some of the levels up to be more in line with the US. The US formula matches the US RDAs, the EU formula at least matches EU RDAs, but often quite a bit more.

There are slight differences in the main ingredient levels too. As we source ingredients from different areas, the nutritional profile may be slightly different which reflects in the amounts used in the recipe.

On Huel.com, click on the flag near the top right and you’ll get country options, if you click on the United Kingdom, this will bring up the UK site. You can then read the EU label and in the Guides & Articles section, you can also see a ‘Versions of Huel’ article which shows how the EU formula has evolved. (Don’t forget to click back to the US when you’ve finished reading!)

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Thanks, @JamesCollier! Appreciate the info, and your willingness to be so responsive!

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No problem, that’s what we’re here for!

Please tag me in if you need my input in the future :slight_smile:

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