Why now? Three months and now i'm gassy

Why after using Huel for over three months am I becoming so gassy. Huel has not effected me like this since the initial week. Why now?

Are you eating other foods besides Huel?

Our microbiome changes daily because of the food we eat, including drink. At the level of bacteria, it’s pretty much impossible to ensure we aren’t ingesting small amounts of new strains of bacteria. Normally it’s not a problem because we have immune system to fight these “bugs” - so dont worry about it, just setting some backstory :slight_smile:
In the ecosystem that is your unique gut bacteria, some types of bacteria thrive more or less on what we eat - actually, they’re part of our digestion: breaking down large molecules into smaller ones that can be absorbed into the body. Gas is a part of this process. Ex: the tiny bubbles that makes bread dough “rise” is from yeast converting the sugars you feed it to ‘proof’

So yeah, all this to answer your question… but most likely the answer is in the hundreds of opportunities you’ve had to ingest something to impact the health of your ecosystem of gut biology.

Do you have any more clues along this line?

Thank you for the information. I am going to have to look at my food intake much closer, maybe some of my snacking has caused the issue. I’m going to have to try and pay more attention to what I eat and I am going to try the unflavored Huel as well. Hopefully this is just a bump in the road. So far I love Huel and all that it stands for.

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@Craig_Maxim I had a similar bump in the road. Alcohol was the culprit. I don’t drink often, but if I know I’m going to be having a glass of wine with dinner or slugging a beer while watching a game with friends I won’t Huel within 12 hours before or after. Not sure if it’s specific to my biome or not, but Huel and alcohol within 12 hours of each other seems to equal wicked gas every time. FYI.