Let's settle, fix the gas

I’m used to how much thicker 3.0 is, and the chunks. Let’s get to the issue that will actually get me to stop using Huel.

  1. I’m much more gassy all day and night eating Huel 3.0 unflavored than I have been and I’m a month in to 2 meals a day.
    I transitioned immediately to 3.0 from the last version and the issue was immediate and consistent. If I stop for the weekend, by Saturday afternoon gas from Friday’s shakes has subsided.
  2. I’m constipated. That’s never been an issue for me before. Is there more soluble fiber? What gives?

I would love to know Huel’s official reasoning behind these issues. I can only assume probiotics is causing the gas, and whatever was added/changed to smooth out the texture is causing the other crappy issue.

I just officially canceled my next 3.0 order because of this issue. I’m going to try Black for a month. Please fix these new problems with your otherwise awesome product.


That’s interesting.

There isn’t an official reason because there are a variety of different reasons which might be the cause and digestive issues are very difficult to pin down.

The fibre content has decreased ever so slightly with the addition of tapioca starch. I’m not aware of any reports of people having issues with tapioca starch.

If you feel you need more fibre in your diet to resolve this psyllium husk may help.

That sounds really difficult to deal with. I wish I could help, but I have never had gas issues with Huel except when starting/stopping. And it always goes away within two days at the most.

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