Why no CoQ10 or reservatrol?


So you can pretty much live only off Huel. I wonder why they have everything, except for CoQ10 and Reservatrol. I would love to see them add this to their formulas. I’m drinking 2 meals a day, then my dinner consists of a vegan meal - tons of veggies, legumes and meat substitutes. I would prefer to not have to supplement CoQ10 and Reservatrol separately, because Huel and my balanced dinner gives me everything my body needs except for those two key anti-aging / healthy aging ingredients.


Hi Joshua! :wave: Thank you for your feedback! Currently, the Huel formula is designed to include the 27 essential vitamins and minerals. We are always looking for ways to be better than we already are, so these additions are not completely out of the question depending on what research and product ideations we decide to focus on down the road. We appreciate you sharing this with us though. :+1: Always good to gather ideas!


I use CoQ10, but have given up on resveratrol because it’s so expensive and I’m not sure other antioxidents aren’t as good or better. Ex: Pterostilbene. Also, what about NAD+? Etc.

I’m perfectly happy to have Huel cover the basic metabolic requirements macro- and micronutrients, then make judicious use of the money I saved from not eating junk food to add a fistful of supplements. It literally only takes an additional 20 seconds. :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t want this added expense to make Huel inaccesible to those already in danger of food insecurity. I have no doubt Huelers are gaining a longevity edge simply from minimizing the damages done by typical dietary antinutrition.