I FOUND IT. A nutritionally complete food!

Late one night, I was searching the internet, seeing if I could find one meal combination that contained everything the body needs. I searched and searched, and finally I found it:

Huel is a nutritionally complete food ​that contains all the proteins, carbs, and fats you need, plus at least 100% of the FDA’s “Daily Values” of all 27 essential vitamins and minerals

I am currently using Huel about once a day, but would like to increase in time.

Thank you Huel for offering COMPLETE NUTRITION!


I didn’t even know it was missing from my life until I saw a facebook ad describing a food that was cheap, took a few minutes to prepare and consume, and contained everything I needed to survive. I was like, um yes please.


Thank you for giving Huel a try and sharing your experiences with us! Glad we could find each other out in cyberspace. :two_hearts: