How are you nutritionally tweaking/hacking your Huel?

I was wondering if anyone might be interested in sharing how they “mod” their Huel smoothie for nutritional (not taste) purposes. There are 4 main tweaks/hacks that I am doing: 1. every other meal I am replacing one of the Huel scoops with the same calories’ worth of high quality protein powder, because I want a slightly higher protein:carb ratio. I’m using up all the whey protein I have left so it doesn’t go to waste, but after that I’ll probably stick with pea protein. 2. other times I’m replacing a scoop with the same calories’ worth of a fruit that’s very high in antioxidants (e.g., blueberries, pomegranate). 3. I’m stacking a high end fish oil supplement on top of everything–only adds 15 calories and I know that makes it non-vegan, but fish oil is simply the undisputed king of fats. 4. Adding a quality green powder product that includes spirulina, reishi mushroom powder, and maca root powder. Also, I’m taking chlorella tablets, a daily probiotic, an additional dose of Vitamin D3, drinking 1-2 cups of green tea a day.
So, I was just curious as to who else uses other stuff to augment the nutrition offered by Huel, and what/how. Or, even if you want to criticize any of the stuff I’m doing as ill-advised or unnecessary, I can take that :slight_smile:

How have you determined that any of it makes a difference to your personal performance?

I’ve tried expensive supplements and after a bottle or two of not noticing any difference I stop.

So mostly I’m curious how you know it’s worth the effort

I am long familiar with the sensation of my body feeling good after consuming high antioxidant foods (esp. berries), spirulina, and reishi mushroom. None of that is new to what I’m doing now with my Huel-based diet experiment. Chlorella, I’m actually trying for the first time. Maybe in about a month or so I’ll try going off just it while keeping 100% of everything else the same and seeing if my body “requests” that I resume giving it the chlorella. The vitamin D3, I have been taking at doses of about 5,000 IU a day since my physician informed me my blood was low in D. As for the probiotic- I could get that from yogurt, kefir, good sauerkraut, kimchi, etc., but the supplement ensures that I’ll have it on a daily basis regardless of what I eat (which at the moment is about 85% Huel anyway). Also, everything I named is very well documented as being excellent for your health; i.e., it’s not like I’m talking about colloidal silver or something. If you’ve had bad experiences with “supplements,” develop the habit of doing your research on the items you are considering buying. The nutrition industry definitely has its share of b.s., so you do have to watch out. One “quick-and-dirty” tip right off the bat is, if you see the phrase “proprietary blend” on a product, put it back on the shelf you found it on and ignore it. Many companies put cheap fillers in their products, and use loopholes to claim their product is more legit than it really is (for example, protein powders that use cheap amino acids to fill the protein quota, instead of going for a balanced and bioavailable amino acid profile). One good, honest/legit company I get some supplements from is Legion Athletics, who makes the green powder I mentioned above, called Genesis. I don’t have charts and graphs measuring how many seconds of endurance it adds to my HIIT workout or anything like that, but all other things equal I feel physically (and emotionally, for that matter) better after taking it than after not taking it. There are other companies that sell great products too, you just have to know what to look for and what to avoid. And also, you have to know what you need to fill your own personal nutritional needs (for example- a curcumin or collagen supplement? Not necessary, BUT… if you’ve got joint problems…). So, basically, that was the long version of me saying that I know it’s worth the effort because everything I use nutritionally, I have done my research and homework on and know that it’s stuff I want going into my body-- along with the occasional new thing I’ll try out just to see how it goes–in this case, the chlorella (which I made sure was a brand highly rated by both nutritional experts and consumers)

I prefer a little higher fat content in my Huel mix, so natural peanut butter is what I usually add. 2 scoops of Huel and a global of PB does the trick.

I do like your idea of Kefir milk to add some probiotics. And I think it may also have the lactase enzyme to break down the lactose sugar. I’m “lactose intolerant”.

I hear ya, about the PB! Definitely been sneaking bits of it into my Huel shakes- typically go 1 tablespoon here and there, since limiting calories is my chief concern.


I don’t tweak, it’s complete. :slight_smile:

and it is quite commendable that it manages to have all the essential nutrients in one powder! But it’s just in my nature to augment- especially with the berries (awesome antioxidants, and also chopping/mashing them and mixing them in makes the Huel shakes taste so freaking good) and spirulina (because, spirulina. The stuff simply rules). I am, however, happy to report that overall, Huel is working out quite well. The taste/texture is good (reminds me of a lightly sweetened farina, kinda?), and it has been helping me stick to a calorie restricted dietary regimen as I’d hoped it would. I have come to the decision that I will do one 500 calorie-ish evening meal a day in lieu of a Huel shake. Just more realistic; if I’m honest with myself, I’ve got to have some hot, savory, solid food in my life (high quality nutritious food only–last night, enjoyed a delicious shrimp and vegetable Thai curry on brown rice)- but, for the other 1300-1500 calories, all Huel (with some of the minor hacks), and it’s working out great!

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Yay, so happy to hear this! Happy Hueling, James! Let us know if you need anything along the way. :blush:

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I add one scoop of
Amazing Grass Energy Green Superfood Organic Powder with Wheat Grass and Greens, Natural Caffeine with Yerba Mate and Matcha Green Tea, Flavor: Watermelon
to two scoops of Huel.

I do it mostly to tweak the taste, but the other elements are nice, too, and the “Energy” version has enough caffeine that I’ve skipped my morning coffee and afternoon tea (which I was mixing into the Huel).

With this combo, I dropped 15 pounds pretty quickly, but the last 5 have been slower. Hoping to lose at least 15 more.

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