Consume only Huel


If someone wants to consume only Huel instead of any other food, how many scoops should use in order to get the enough nutrition? (For a 30 year old person)


There’s many that have done it and if you search the forums you’ll find plenty of discussions around it. At 2000 calories/day, you’ll need approximately 10 scoops. I prefer weighing my powder but 10 scoops should do it.


Hi Amir, welcome to the Huel forum! :slight_smile: I hope I can help provide you with a bit of information about consuming Huel and nutrition overall! While Huel is nutritionally complete and you can live on 100% Huel if you so choose (and Huel did a trial where individuals consumed 100% Huel for five weeks to assess this, which I linked here), we recommend 1-2 Huel per day and then another meal with different food (and some snacks if you wish, as well) to provide variety to your daily food intake.

Huel was created to be another option to add to your daily food intake for reasons that include, but are not limited to, health/nutrition, time, access, affordability, and the planet. An example of what we recommend could be Huel for breakfast and lunch and something else for dinner. Additionally, we recommend introducing Huel into your daily food intake 1-2 times per day a few days a week and then increasing or decreasing from there based on your needs and what works for you! If you are not already consuming Huel, I would recommend starting there as some individuals also need time to adjust to the fiber content of Huel and changing your diet completely all at once can cause gastrointestinal distress.

Everyone is different with regard to their daily energy/nutritional needs and a number of factors are taken into consideration including, but not limited to, age, gender, activity level, height/weight, and medical history. In order to ensure you get enough nutrition to meet your needs, you may find this page regarding general nutrition helpful. You want to be sure you are providing your body with enough energy through a balance of macronutrients as well as getting your vitamins and minerals (Huel contains the 27 essential vitamins and minerals to meet the daily value recommendations at 2000 calories of Huel per day) and the page I linked in this paragraph dives into this more!


Godspeed. I’ve been eating 90% Huel or so for a few years now and I have abs showing for the first time at 34. It can be done. I’ve done up to a month on just Huel and your biggest threat will be other people eating exciting things in front of you. Stay strong :muscle:.


And all the food commercials on tv, AND the food-based reality shows like Hell’s Kitchen (my fav). They make it more difficult to stick to the 90% plan, but I’m staying strong most of the time.

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how could I forget food commercials? i bet they account for half of all failed diets.

Agreed! What I’d like to know is how do they always manage to put on the exact thing I’m craving at the exact time I’m craving it?!

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