Huel only diet?

Is it possible to only consume Huel or should you still have “food” as well? I’m really loving how I feel, it’s only been a week, and am wondering if it’s safe to only have a Huel diet.

We have a few posters on our board that have done Huel only for periods of time.

According to their nutrition information, Huel has all the daily essential micronutrients (vitamins/minerals) in 4 x 500 calorie doses of Huel. Although the daily recommended allowance is overestimated, so even if you didn’t consume 2000 calories of Huel daily, there’s a very high chance you are getting all the necessary micronutrients you need. And they also add in the essential fatty acids. Their protein source is from two sources and should have all the essential amino acids. As far as total macronutrients, it’s proportionate to your size and total energy needs. So, yeah, it appears that if you consumed only Huel, your body would get all the essential nutrition. I’m pretty sure it’s safe. Huel is powdered food made from normal, natural sources.

Most of us Huel-ers do a normal meal per day just to keep things interesting and keep us from burning out.


I can confirm it is safe for four months … I maybe ate “regular” food three times a week at most. I took a multi-vitamin because I was not having 2000 calories a day just in case.


Hi @ericindenver

Glad to see that you’re loving Huel!

As @Deron has already mentioned, Huel is considered a ‘complete’ food - meaning that it has been formulated to contain at least the recommended daily amount (RDA) of every vitamin and mineral required in the human diet at a 2,000 calorie daily intake of Huel, not to mention the macronutrients; carbohydrates, protein & fat. In some circumstances, there is overage of particular vitamins and minerals where we feel the recommended intakes are too low.

As such, if you want to, you can consume Huel for 100% of your diet. Or you can choose to consume Huel for 1 or 2 meals per day, whatever works for you! :smiley:

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