Why is "cool, dry storage away from direct sunlight" necessary?

I’m curious what the reasoning for the storage suggestions is. My guess is it comes down to a change in the food substance, but what exactly happens? I like to keep a bag of it in my backpack for work. It goes with me in my car both ways. Would that change anything (flavor, nutritional value, effectiveness as a defense against the barbarians)? I couldn’t see why. After all, I haven’t seen any barbarians at my door, haha.

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I have zero scientific knowledge of this but based on my strange addiction to Huel information I scavenge the internet for, I believe this recommendation is based on the one-year lifespan of the product. Like any other food, heating shortens its age, but as long as you finish the bag you are carrying around within a few months, I doubt there will be any nutritional change or contamination, presuming you keep it properly sealed.

As far as the barbarians are concerned, a well aimed hand full of Huel directly to the eyes is still the most cost effective means of blinding them and making a swift escape, as barbarians are immune to non organic dust particles.


Hey anecdotal evidence and eyewitness testimony has value! I am curious if anyone with any background in nutrition will be able to weigh in with more “why” to it but I’m grateful for your practical advice!

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Alas my field is computers, but I’m sure someone around here will have some knowledge on the nutritional science. The knowledgeable staff of Huel has weekends off, but will return on Monday, if your question isn’t answered before then.

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*our question, at this point, have.
To be continued!

@thedogrant, here are a couple other rules I found for Huel while searching the net. I think we may all be in trouble. Huel Rules and Care: 1) Never expose it to bright light. 2) Never get it wet. 3) Never ever eat it after midnight, no matter how delicious it is.


Keep it dry to prevent bacterial contamination.

Wet and warm are both going to encourage growth of stuff you don’t want in your Huel.

Huel works with a lot of additives, bacteria should not be one of them. :slight_smile:

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Oops! I eat it around 3am all the time! No monsters or changes yet. Will keep you posted.


:joy::joy::joy: Mike, we hear a lot of Huel jokes, but this is a new one!

@thedogrant The other Huelers here have done a great job at answering your question. It’s just a matter of preserving the quality of the product and its nutrients. Also, that’s our really long way of saying to keep it in a pantry or cupboard, if possible. Believe it or not, we’ve also had more than one email about pets chewing through Huel pouches (so far, mostly cats #funfact).