Will my unopened Huel bags be ok for a few days in 90-95 degrees?

I just moved to a new apartment in another state and we could not get the AC installed the same day, so I am staying back at my old apartment (4 hours away) for 3 more days. I left my 6 new bags of Huel (2 of U/U and 4 Huel Black) in the apartment and didn’t think to put them in the fridge or anything. It felt pretty hot up there as its in the mid 90’s outside during the day, and there hasn’t been any AC all summer. They’re all crammed in a backpack and not directly in the sun, if I can recall correctly. I’m a bit anxious about the Huel as it is all brand new, unopened and I was just wondering if anyone could provide input. I read that they should be stored in a cool, dry place on the product page, but will they be okay for a few days like that? Anyone have experience with this? Thanks so much for anyone who can help! :blush:

I think it’ll be ok.

Huel doesn’t ship in refrigerated boxes, so it arrives “fresh” after days in warehouses and trucks…

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That makes total sense! I appreciate your logical answer, I definitely wasn’t thinking that way.


It’ll definitely be ok🙂

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Hey! As long as they are sealed and stored away from direct sunlight, they should be okay!

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