How much heat can a closed bag of Huel withstand?

Occasionally I will be on a long hot car drive or trip for a couple of days or camping in a hot climate. I’d like to be able to camp for an extended period of time (several weeks) eating mostly Huel. Assuming the product stays dry, will this affect the safety (causing one to get ill or oxidation of fats for example) of the product?

probably no?! I’m not a rocket scientist or anything, but since Huel is made from finely processed ingredients (they even tell you to keep your Huel out of direct sunlight) i would IMAGINE that there isn’t much room for extended heated trips.

just a thought.

If it got hot (and it’s likely to be unsealed), then there may be some degradation to some vitamins. I’m not sure how the fats will be affected. You’d be better transferring to a sealed plastic container though and keeping it in the shade and under a blanket.