Why hasn't my order been shipped?

On March 18th it’s now the 1st of April I paid for 6 bags(2 vanilla,2berry,2chocolate)#727061-US this is my first order and I’m not impressed. This is a $182 order that hasn’t been shipped yet. I contacted support and the response I got from them was basically that they have no clue as to when I’ll get my order.
I get that they are having a very high influx of orders due to the virus, but to say they have no idea when my order will ship is unacceptable. The fact they don’t allow orders to be canceled makes this seem like a scam. They’ll gladly take your money and you’ll eventually get what you ordered but they won’t tell you when you’ll get it.
So here I am waiting on an order that no one knows when it’s going to be shipped.

If I had known that this is the way they treat their customers I wouldn’t have placed my order.

Hi @jharris20886! Thanks for touching base here on the forum. I really apologize we couldn’t provide you more information regarding your order when you originally touched base! The good news is that I can confirm your order is now on the way and is scheduled to be delivered tomorrow.

I’ll get an email sent your way immediately with your FedEx tracking number and more details :raised_hands:

We’re attempting to be as transparent as possible through these crazy times and are shipping orders as quickly as possible so I truly apologize for that elongated time frame you had to wait!

Thanks for being patient with us and have a wonderful day :sunny:

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While I appreciate the help with this, I have to wonder why I was told(by ben) yesterday that he couldn’t tell me when my order would ship? Why can’t your website update customers on the status of their orders?
Being transparent would be saying that it’s being processed not that it’s been dispatched, which is all I’ve seen since the 18th.

Unfortunately as of yesterday your order was in processing with our fulfillment center so we didn’t yet have tracking or shipping information so I truly apologize again there!

You’re right though, I apologize for the mix up in communication regarding a dispatched vs. processing orders. I’ll ensure that that communication is consistent for all of our Hueligans until the order physically ships.

If you have any further questions, or want to continue chatting this through, feel free to send me over a response to that email I sent your way and I would be more than happy to assist further!

Are all orders going to take this long to be shipped? This is more than 10 days… I order 4 bags on the 27th, they has not been shipped yet #737695. You should be more transparent in your webpage

Hey there, @linkin_park014! Your order has actually already shipped and is on the way to you. We’re attempting to be as transparent as possible detailing the possibility for an additional 7-10 business days of transit, but I really appreciate the feedback and will look for ways to make that more clear!

I’ll send you over an email now with your FedEx tracking number and estimated arrival date :smiley:

Have a wonderful day! Stay safe and healthy out there :sunny:

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I ordered march 23 order# 732316 has it shipped yet?

Usually you guys send an email saying that an order is on its way. But I haven’t received anything and I ordered march 23rd. Today is the 9th business day and seems my order hasn’t even shipped yet

Hey @Aj_Lombardi! I’ll send you over an email shortly regarding the details of your order :smiley:

Have a wonderful day! For any future customer support inquiries, drop us an email at support@huel.com and our team will assist with anything you may need :heart:

Just to add some positive my most resent order of Huel black was here in under 5 days. So I think they are really doing their best for every situation!!! I ordered early expecting a delay and was pleasantly surprised. Awesome job guys!

Why was linkin parks order shipped before mine? His was placed
March 27th mine was placed March 23rd and you emailed me saying my order hasn’t even been filled yet, and won’t ship til next week???

Thank you. I am sorry for the extra pressure. I was bothered because I was also told that you couldn’t tell me when my order would be ship. I understand you are doing your best. Best,

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You guys realize there is a global pandemic going on, right? It took me 2 days to get an instacart grocery order from a store literally around the corner from me. Half of the items weren’t available, but am I angry? No, of course not.

Buck up and get over yourself. Anybody working right now is taking a major health risk so don’t be such a little baby if your delivery takes longer than usual. You should be thankful it’s coming at all!


It doesn’t matter what’s going on they need to keep customers updated. it took three weeks for me to receive my order, and throughout that period all their system stated was it’s been dispatched, that’s the issue was lack of communication with their customers.
You’ll notice i waited until the 10th business day( you know do to their notice 7-10 days) until i started this thread. The fact that they aren’t keeping the customer updated was the issue not the wait time.

Just from a fellow user of Huel…normally I have gotten every order 1 day earlier than expected for the last 6 months.

My only “corona” order I’ve made took about 9 days. If you like the product, I wouldn’t let this one experience throw you off forever.

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Actually it does matter, stop being such a baby. You’ll get your bottles soon enough.

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@sleepdepd I have been on a subscription for the past two years or so and have not had an issue. I don’t use PayPal for the subscription though just my debit card directly. May be some type of connection issue with PayPal. Just a guess though.