Not sure what is going on with shipping now?

I am not sure what is going on, but it has been a week since I placed my order, and still, my order has not even shipped. This has not been happening before, so I am not sure what is going on. And yes I am aware of Covid, but not really an excuse since Covid didn’t just start last week and the previous months I have had no problem.

me either - got tracking number tuesday and package has gone nowhere and this is Fed Ex. should of just ordered though Amazon - wanted before the holiday. disappointing

I placed my order on 9/1. In my order history it shows order dispatched but I didn’t receive any tracking info. Sent them an email and no response. This is the first time I am trying Huel but looks like there is this regular issue with shipping. Read many other posts too. I will wait and see and maybe will stay away next time.

Huel keeps sending me the same generic message that due to Covid shipping times will be longer. This is lunacy as the Coronavirus just didn’t start last week, and I have been receiving my product on time for months.

Did you receive your order? I am still waiting.

I haven’t eaten for two days… I have a fixed income and spent my food budget on Huel.

Yes, received it yesterday.

I understand that there was a confusion when addressing the date your order was shipped with the date your order was placed and to my error, you are correct, your order was placed on the 1st. I have included on our email thread the time your order was shipped or when it left our fulfillment center which was on the 4th, this meant that the delivery would be expected 3-7 days(not weekends) from when it leaves our fulfillment center. Your should be arriving by the end of today as shown from the tracking number: 138111470037. Trust me, I understand how it can be confusing knowing that your order was placed on the 1st and not receiving it until today. I do know that when we calculate from the 1st, this would make your order a day late passed our delivery estimated times and wanted to provide some resolution that I have addressed on my email back to you.


Happy to know that Huel stands behind their business and wants to retain their customers. I will keep my subscription going. I understand that confusion happens and I am promptly removing my previous post to make sure no one else gets the wrong idea. I received my order today and Huel went one step extra to provide me with a resolution that I was not even expecting.
Great customer support by Domenique! :clap: :clap: