Shipping Delays

I placed and was billed for an order on 11/18, now it’s 11/26. I realize we had a holiday but doesn’t it ship in a couple days after it’s placed? I’m not getting any feedback.

What products did you order? I placed an order for vanilla Huel last Monday (11/19) and it shipped within a day. However, I also placed a separate order for the banana flavor boost that same day, just minutes after the first, and it has yet to ship even though I have been charged for it.

2 bags and a strawberry flavor booster

That is weird. Maybe @Teresa_Huel or @Tyler_Huel can help out.

Hey @Bigboy. I’ve checked in with our fulfillment center about your order and I’m waiting to hear back more information. As soon as I know more, I’ll send you a private DM and will help you out from there!

I still don’t have it…after several emails back and forth. I ordered on 11/18 and it hasn’t shipped yet…

I just DM’d you the tracking information but your order is set to arrive to you tomorrow. :+1: Again, we apologize for the confusion and know this wasn’t the most ideal Huel experience. Thanks for sticking with us and thank you for your patience!