Why does the mac and cheese H&S taste so... Weird?

I ordered my first H&S pack this month. Based off word of mouth/reviews, I went with mac and cheese, thai green curry and mexican chili.

Mac and cheese was first. I couldn’t wait to try it, especially reading so many people here and on elsewhere raving about it. I knew it wouldn’t taste like real (unhealthy) mac and cheese beforehand, but man… It tastes like mac and cheese that was made in a lab or something. Its just not edible in my opinion. Considering someone on here once said its so good they couldn’t stop themselves from eating another serving, i am wondering if im doing something wrong.

I followed instructions exactly. I even tried mixing 1 scoop of mac and 1 scoop of mex chili as a few suggested… That made it worse lol.

The mexican chili was the best of my 3 I’d say. Nothing mindblowing but its alright, especially if you spice it up right and maybe add a little something to it.

Thai green curry is… Good but… Odd. Not horrible like mac but i can’t put my finger on it, either it takes some getting used to or i need to add something to it for an extra kick(?).

I’m wondering if I got weird batch or if it’s supposed to be mostly goop with a few noodles mixed in. Not at all like the pictures in the shop.

I agree that there can be more or less noodles based on how your bag is mixed… really have to thoroughly shake that bag up. I find the max and cheese to be HANDS DOWN the best of all the meals…. Nothing else impressed me at all. Max and cheese is all i order now :man_shrugging:t2:

Wonder if you guys got bad batches :thinking:

Yeah, i would really like to experience what you are experiencing with the mac and cheese. Because every part of me really wants to love it being that its a healthy mac and cheese after all.

I shake it up good too. Im not sure what it is. Mex chili is fine, adding stuff to it like shred cheese, etc makes it even better. But this mac… I just dont know.

Maybe the Huel team can comment on this? How do i tell if my batch is bad or are my taste buds and mac not a good match?