Three H&S flavors are sickening

I took my first plunge into Huel recently and got one of each flavor of Hot & Savory as well as some protein bars. For the most part, things taste about as good as I expected. The protein bars were better than I expected.

Except for three flavors of H&S: Mac and Cheeze, Green Curry, Chik’n Mushroom. I have no idea how people enjoy these. I don’t think I’m going to be able to make it through the entire bag.

It’s really the smell of Green Curry that is nauseating and headache-inducing and seems to linger, but it was the taste of the others that made it difficult to finish even a single serving.

Happy to hear you enjoyed the bars, which flavors did you enjoy?

So sorry to hear about your experience with our H&S meals. Can you email us so we can sort out a solution?

Thank you!

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I agree on the Mac & Cheeze. Vegan cheese will never work for me. I add a lot of salsa, sour cream/yogurt, shredded cheese to mask that terrible vegan cheese taste. The only other flavor I’ve tried is the Mexican Chili, which I love. Almost ready for my third order and it just feels like a gamble on any flavor.

I like the Mac & Cheez so long as I don’t think of it as Mac & Cheese. Try a scoop each of Mac & cheez + Mexican Chili; they work pretty well together.

No, neither quite hits the spot the real things do but they’re much healthier and hit their own spot, IMO. They also don’t make me feel sick and tired afterwards, for example. :wink:


with the chicken and mushroom i add a small portion of tyson grilled chicken breast chunks. as a side i have about four slices of fresh tomato and a small dinner roll. i found the flavor to be tasty.

Happy I read this. I wanted to try H&S and mac and cheese was the only one I’d try. Now knowing there is a different cheese flavor ( whatever vegan cheese is) I’ll pass.

I recommended vanilla to a new huel guy and today was his first time. Said it was hard to swallow. I enjoy it so I guess everyone is different

The cajun pasta is good, and I mix it with the Mac n cheese, add a dollop of sour cream. Cheese taste is fine to me.

I finally convinced someone to try huel last week and he bought vanilla. He said it was terrible and I don’t understand. I can’t wait to wake up and drink mine. I guess we are all different

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my breakfast is black label chocolate with a bit of almond milk and some mixed berries blended in with on large cup of coffee. i enjoy it. with the hot and savory varieties i do add some enhancement. mac and cheese gets a few bacon bits on top with a small slice of spam and some tomato lives on the side. the Mexican chili get extra chili powder and about 1/8th lb of cooked ground beef added with a few slices of tomato on the side. i generally add a small amount of meat -chicken or beef- to mine with some additional seasoning and this improves taste.

OK it’s actually called Black Edition but frankly I much prefer your Black Label name, so will continue to call it this :clap:

Just to confirm, the cup of coffee is separate to the Huel? Or are you mixing chocolate Huel, almond milk, berries AND coffee into one smoothie? I’m interested to try this, but I can’t imagine coffee and berries working!

Love the sound of your Hot & Savory hacks. However Huel works for you is the best way to enjoy it!

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