Thought I’d love H&S Mac & Cheeze and Black Vanilla powder

After enjoying H&S Mexican Chili and Black Chocolate powder on my first order, I was excited to try the Black Vanilla powder (since I kept hearing it was neutral) and the H&S Mac & Cheeze (since I love packaged Mac & Cheese.)

Unfortunately, both were not good IMO. I have to add extra of the other smoothie ingredients (juice, frozen fruit, white/chocolate milk, PB) to weaken the strong, artificial vanilla taste. I’m versed with protein powders so I thought vanilla would be good.

The Mac & Cheeze is vegan and as a cheese/dairy lover, I’ve never met a vegan cheese I liked. This was no different. Again, I have to add other ingredients to mask the terrible, fake vegan cheese taste but its proven harder with the M&C than the Black Vanilla powder. I have to add a lot of sour cream/yogurt, salsa and real shredded cheese but it still doesn’t mask the vegan cheese well.

Needless to say, it’s taken me a lot longer to get through this order, but thankfully, I’m almost done.
My plan for future orders is to always get a flavor I know I enjoy along with a new flavor to try.

If anyone has similar thoughts about the Black Vanilla powder and/or the H&S Mac & Cheeze, I’d love to know which Black powders and H&S you enjoyed. Thanks for any input. Happy Hueling :slight_smile:

Hi, new user here still in my first order but I got the Mac n cheese on the recommendation of a coworker but I also got the Cajun pasta and I do one scoop of each, I’m a big cheese and dairy person too,but this mix seems to work well. I also have been doing it shy a bit in water with only 6 oz for the two scoops and then I add in a follow of sour cream.

With the Huel black, I have the strawberry shortcake, and while it’s good with water, I find using almond milk with it an improvement.

I’m not worried about staying vegan so the sour cream is a non-issue, and the almond milk only adds like 60 calories.

i had my first mac and cheese bowl a few days ago. i added some bacon bits on top, had a few slices of fresh tomato and a small link of andouille sausage as a side with a lite beer and i found it delicious.