Mac & Cheeze - New and improved?

Have you tried it yet? What do you think?

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I just finished an entire bag of the new version, and I have to be honest and say that it’s not as described. There are way more noodles, I’ll give them that, but that’s essentially all it is now. Noodles. There is no creaminess, there is hardly sauce at all, it’s about 95% noodles and 5% powder. I’m hoping what I received was a manufacturing error, because it took a lot of zhuzhing up to have it resemble mac and cheese. The flavor is very mild and is overpowered by the taste of boiled pasta. I found that making a tapioca starch slurry and adding it to the mixture before adding boiled water improved it considerably, but it’s a hassle to essentially have to make the sauce myself. I also used much more water than is called for on the packaging to achieve any semblance of sauce at all.

I tried many alterations to salvage it. I make 1.5 scoops instead of the suggested 2 scoops. I added MSG, red pepper flakes, vegan bac’n bits, and about a tablespoon of tapioca starch/flour in a slurry. Without these additions, it is essentially wet pasta with a mild cheese flavor.

I wrote a very lengthy review that I haven’t posted yet because I don’t like to be so critical, but I’m a little bewildered by this change in recipe. It’s really a shame, the vast majority of my orders have been almost entirely the mac and cheese flavor, but that will no longer be the case if this new recipe is here to stay.

But I’m usually the odd man out when it comes to these things, so I encourage you to get a bag and let us know what you think!


I’ve only had the new version, being a new customer (Jan '23). Can’t say I am impressed with the Mac & Cheeze variant of H&S. I mean, I can make it palatable, but it requires adding in some additional fat. I use a a bit of butter, some 2% milk (about 4oz) and a tablespoon of Mac & Cheese powder. Mix all that in when adding the hot water, mix it well, then let it sit covered in an insulated bowl for 10 minutes. It comes out pretty creamy and noticeably better tasting. Add a bit of salt and pepper, even better. Of course, this ruins the vegan-only aspect of it, but I don’t have those concerns.

I’ve tried every variation that I can think of when making Huel M&C with only hot water and the powder mixture. Making sure that the bag was shaken to evenly distribute the powder and noodles, to trying to deliberately get more powder than a typical scoop looks to have. To adding much less water at first, then mixing in more water later and remixing then sitting for another 5 minutes. To using more water than recommended. I’ve even tried using distilled water instead of my normal filtered water. Nothing worked to make it creamy. Or to be a precise as possible, to be as creamy as I’d expect. I’m not expecting gourmet levels of creaminess, but to have the sauce have the proper viscosity that coating the back of a spoon and swiping a finger through it, will leave a trail that doesn’t fill in more quickly than it should.

Then there is the texture. Now having texture in the sauce really doesn’t bother me, it is part of the Huel experience. But it detracts from the mouth feel, and it must be part of the conversation. What’s even more odd to me, is the sauce in the Chick’n & Mushroom H&S is tremendous! Good levels of creaminess and only a bit of texture in the sauce. That’s using the recommended levels of liquid with only the powder mixture - 2 scoops. Let it stand for 10 minutes covered in an insulated bowl. Really, outstanding product!

But that is what makes me so confused about the M&C variety. It guess it’s possible I got 3 bags of substandard product. But it’s not on me for not following directions, and not experimenting with different ratios of powder to noodles, and different levels of water to different hydration times (I’ve tried up to 30 minutes).

All that to say that, for the time being, Mac & Cheeze is not for me. And that is ok. Everything can’t be a winner from my point of view. :slight_smile:

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Im actually really disappointed i dont mind the noodles but there is barely any sauce now.


I started a subscription in June and received two bags of the old recipe, which I thought was pretty great. I received two bags of the new recipe with my recent order, and I don’t think it’s so great. Definitely more pasta, less thickness to the sauce, and overall less flavor. Bits of tomato for… color? I definitely prefer the old recipe.

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I’m sorry to hear you weren’t all fans of the new version. All of our feedback is being listened to and taken on board so that I can feedback with as much detail as possible, are the key issues the lack of sauce, thickness of the sauce and the flavour?

Feel free to ignore me if this is something you’re aware of, but I just wanted to check that you’re adding the new water amount, as this has changed with the updated version which could be why you’re experiencing issues with the thickness of the sauce.

When I got that email about them changing the Mac & Cheese to “make it better”. My first thought was it’s already good the way it is, so they’re only doing this to low manufacturing cost and increase profit. I’m glad I bought a couple of the old version before the switch. And from the sound of how bad the new one is, I’m not going to buy any until they revert it back. It’s a shame the Mac & Cheese was my favorite, should of bought more before the switch :frowning:

Just remember, the only thing companies like this listen to is money. If no one is buying Mac & Cheese then maybe they’ll address the problem.


The reason we chose to update our Mac & Cheeze was due to it having one of the lowest order repeat rates of our Hot & Savoury range.

We took on the feedback and reasons why people weren’t ordering Mac & Cheeze again and applied these changes.

Of course, we will continue to check this data to make sure we’re making the best products possible.

I’m thrilled with the improvements. It tastes much more like regular dairy mac and cheese than the old recipe. The old version was fine, but never really tasted like cheese. It wasn’t bad, it was just…something else. And I would argue the sauce/pasta ratio is also closer to normal mac now.
The new pasta shapes don’t get clogged with dry powder as easily as the old ones so I don’t run into the occasional undercooked noodle anymore. They seem to be heating more evenly. And the water requirement lines up with the line on the cup now so I don’t have to eyeball it anymore. 10/10 will buy again.


They took the best Hot N savory meal they had and turned it into a bland mess.

the previous version was creamy, cheesy and tasted like a good omemade mac n cheese.

This new version tastes like they tried to copy a box of Kraft Mac N cheese that was made with only half the cheese packet put into it.

Definitely not improved. I ordered 6 bags of this for my wife and I and I honestly wouldnt mind returning the 4 un-opened ones…but I can’t get the old recipe to replace them…sigh.


I find that you absolutely have to shake the bag well (ensure it’s CLOSED… lesson learned).
I also have to add to it or it’s simply just a little too bland. I usually take whatever meat my family is having and add it to my huel meals (I am currently eating 2/3 meals as huel). The best so far has been adding Fajita meat/peppers to it. I’ve also enjoyed adding bacon, chorizo or kielbasa sausage.

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Thank you all for your feedback, we’re sorry some weren’t as happy with the changes as others.

When we make any product changes we always look to the feedback from you guys to see what you enjoy/don’t enjoy, so your feedback is really valuable to us :pray:

If you had a really unpleasant experience with he new Mac & Cheeze, then please reach out to to see what we can do to help.

Horrible!! The only one of the the Hot & Savory / Instant Meals flavors that I’ve deemed unsalvageable and tossed out. (I’ve tried all the gluten-free ones except Thai Green Curry and Tomato & Herb.) The sauce stays gritty, no matter how long it rehydrates. And the taste is just strange and off-putting. Think I won’t explore anymore of the pasta offerings…

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I’ve been eating the H&S for three months now and am working my way through the flavours. I can’t compare the new M&C to the previous, but can only saying how I find it on it’s own. And that is, it’s fine :smiley: To those saying it’s not creamy, do you shake the bag first? I make sure it’s sealed then turn it end over end at least three times. If you don’t especially on the pastas ones, the powder and larger bits separate. It’s definitely mild compared to the other flavours. It’s so mild that the underlying flavours of the various elements stands out. I put on a little Seasoned Salt and an extra shake of paprika and I’m good to go. Since I’m not vegan, I also added some grated Parmesan cheese.

My one complaint was that it erupted during microwaving. I put the bowl on a plate and cover everything with a plate sized microwaving lid; so, no foul. I did have to pour the contents of the plate back into the bowl and stir it all together. I’ll put in a bit more water next time. I under dosed it the first go around because I’d seen the complaints about it being thin.

Final verdict: not my favourite, but will likely order again for variety.

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This new Mac & Cheez recipe is a big step backward. The original was a miracle of food science - a vegan, savory, creamy cheez-ish dish with a good nutrition profile and a reasonable price. A unicorn, in other words. Now it’s bland, watery noodles with virtually no flavor and no sauce. (And I wonder if it actually hits the stated protein numbers with all that carby pasta now and so little of the sauce where they put the protein).

Original Mac & Cheez was my #1 - in part because the flavorful sauce mixed so well with the Chili (1 scoop of each made a delicious chili-mac), and it was really good on its own. My recent order included 6 bags of the Mac & Cheez. Not sure what I’m going to do with them.

Hey Huel team, please, please reconsider return to the amazing original formula - or tell me how I can get my hands on a forgotten pallet of the stuff to tide me over until someone else develops something as good.


Yeah, I miss the old recipe too but they decided to go with the opinions of people who hated it. So they made it worse for everyone.

Remember, purchases are what drive change. If people don’t buy the new Mac & Cheese, they’ll either fix it or get rid of it completely, who knows.

Also, I kind of did the same thing with the old recipe. Except I would use spicy fried rice and add extra water to the Mac & Cheese so it would mix well. So good, but like I said before I won’t buy the new one until they fix it or change it back.


I like how the new Mac and cheese tastes, though it’s the only one I’ve ever tried.

That said, it boils over on the second minute (with two scoops in the pot) every time. Tried less water.

What am i doing wrong?

I’ve found that mixing Mac & Cheeze and Cajun Pasta works pretty well - I usually add a very small amount of sriracha as well, but I find it’s not strictly necessary for me to enjoy the meal (both of these are bland to me on their own - even the old version of M&C). Pasta Bolognese is great, and Chicken and Mushroom is okay on their own. I’m really hoping for the Spaghetti Carbonara to make an appearance on this side of the pond.

Re: dbsmall - I’d suggest heating the water in a microwavable container and then pouring it into the pot and covering it with the lid (not screwed on, just covering). I usually use a kettle to boil water rather than nuking it, but should work acceptable either way.

I loved the old Mac and Cheeze, but I enjoy the new Mac and Cheeze even more. However, unlike most people I prepare the Huel in a saucepan because cooking the Huel that way is more adjustable.

Also, be sure to scoop from the very bottom of the bag! I find that even when scooping from the very bottom of the bag (and lifting up to catch both pasta and powder) there’s still plenty of powder left for my final servings.

It makes me wonder if the better way to offer Huel would be through some kind of sustainable sachet that comes pre-sorted with the correct ratio between powder and pasta.

Big oops on my part. When I started on the H&S the Mac & Cheese was out of stock. The next month it was back in stock as the New and Improved version. So, when I got a bag I didn’t even check the label and assumed it was the new variety. I just looked at the bag and it says “1.0”. So, if the new kind is 1.1, then I got one of the remaining bags of the old stuff and my last comments are not valid.

Can someone confirm for me what it says on the new bags?